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April 18, 1919

Friday April 18 1919   heavy frost this morn   we are both reasonably well   tis Mothers 72 birth day & She is well preservd considering the large family she has raised & the work she has done & we have reason to be very thankful   I got shaved at Hulls 15c   I got red soap 10c   we are invited to our friends Mrs Smith Rupe & went at 11   E Bradford called & went with us & then we all went & got the mail   mother recd several Birth day cards & letter from Harriet   Charley Blumenstine & wife also at Rupes & we had a real good visit & Mrs R had prepared a most excellent dinner which we all enjoyd & we came home after 4 & Hod Wilson & wife came & Spent the Eve   we only had fire in the grate & were warm Enuf  we got the word thru Lavanda that Leslie will be Discharged from the Army tomorrow & be home soon & tis sure good News   we also look for Dave from St Paul & maybe Roy   we hope so


December 22, 1907

Sunday December 22nd 1907  dark cloudy misty drizzly wet  we all went to church AM  Holden Dave & Add & then we all went to Hod Wilsons by invitation to dinner & had a real social & friendly time  as it is drizzly & wet  dark & wet  we are all here this Eve  Vic has been gone all day & last night he is at home only just long Enough to Eat & Sleep a little  I do wish he would be contented to pass Even a little of his time at home  Old Mrs. Stinchcomb died this PM at 1-30

February 8, 1886

Monday feb 8th    A fine warm thawing day   I went to Nira to help moove a building for a Depot   Mag & Holden went along   Mag visited at Lewis’s   I went there for dinner but forgot Holden & left him in Nira   it was a careless trick & I was Sorry but couldn’t help it  we mooved the building on Sleds   the work went Slow but we got along fine   it is 14×24 & 12 ft high   home at Dark   Hod Wilson assessor called to Stay all night   Roy done the chores