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March 25, 1919

Tuesday March 25 1919   Long Beach Delmar   A moderate partly Cloudy day   we 3 arose feeling well   took breakfst at Delmar   pd 25c for 2   I read til mail time 9 AM   Harriet recd telegram from Willard   he is home & gaining   all wil soon be well   I took a walk to pier Chamber Commerce & Library  got the Advance & 2 hawkeyes   we took dinner at ywc   I pd 1,04 for 3   I gave mother 1,00   her & Harriet went Shopping   PM we took a walk on the pike & bot a Small pair of moccasions for little Lavanda Carr  pd 1,00   we went to Virginia Hotel just to look around & found both grounds & Hotel spacious & very fine   we took supper Advent   I pd 86c for 3   we all sat in the parlor awhile


March 24, 1919

Mon 24   Warmer   Mostly cloudy pleasant   we are both well   took breakfst at Delmar 25c   I took a walk to the pier then read Hawkeye  letters from Dave Nora Allie & Willard   he is slowly gaining but had the flu real bad   Harriet came from Los angeles AM & we took dinner at ywca  pd 90c for 3   I went to pike & got 12 picture folders for 1,00 & sent on to each Willard Mrs Lindsey Allie Roy Isabel Nora Maude Mrs Doc G Sylvia Dave & Mrs England   I went to PO & got 15 1c stamps & 5 2c stamps pd 25c   I got an Eve paper 2c   we took Supper at Delmar Cafe   I pd 75c for 3   I sat in the mens room & talkd till near 8 when I came to our room & wrote & read

February 19, 1919

Wed 19   Cool   a fine day S wind   we arose late   took breakfast at 8 at Delmar Cafe 25c for 2   We wrote to Leslie & Nora   I took a walk   both feel well   we took dinner at Advent 85c for 2  I bot extra 2c    french preimer shot a little, name Clemenceare [1]   got 1 Hawkeye & the Advance this PM & were just Starting to Nellie when Mr. Palmer came after us   Nellie is worse   we soon got there & found our dear girl Nellie very low   said she was ready to go   said she couldnt live & was oh so tired but didnt seem to be in much pain   she said mother & I had always been so good to her   she wanted to see her children   they were called in  she wisht to be buried here at Long Beach & wants the children kept together  I came back to Hotel & took supper at Delmar   Mother will stay with Nellie   they have very little room at Palmers

[1] Wikipedia.org:  On 19 February 1919, during the Paris Peace Conference, Georges Benjamin Clemenceau was shot, not fatally.

February 12, 1919

Wed 12  Cool  a nice sunny windy da   The waves are rolling high this morning   we took breakfst at Delmar Cafe 25c for 2   both fairly well   I got shaved 15c  shoes shined & clothes brushed 10c   mother wrote to Nora Maude & Mattie Sigler   I went to PO & mailed them   I got paper 3c  we recd the Advance & Hawkeye   we took dinner at the Advent 74c    at 2 PM we went to see Nellie   found her much the same   while there we called on a Mr Oldfield & wife  friends of John Brewer   at his request we called on them   I came home a little before mother   we took Supper at Delmar Cafe 25c for 2   after Supper we sat in the parlor to warm as our room has a big hole broke in the window & lets in much cold   I spoke to the landlady about it & she said she would have it fixt but didn’t   I got 4 good apples 10c & I ate 3 & mother one   to bed 8-30

January 16, 1919

Thursday January 16 1919   At Noras  Lodi Cal   damp Cloudy & light rain at times   we recd a letter from Ellen & John   good sleding & cold in Iowa & Flu about gone   date 12 inst   I wrote to E I Coffey [editor, Wellman Advance] that I will take $70 for my 20 a [acre] pasture from 1 of May to first dec 1919 for pasturage only   he to keep up fence   I furnished a needed new material at my home in Wellman & I reserve the priveleg of going in to cut holes or wood any time & to send Adv [Advance] to Long Beach Cal   I also wrote to Hawkeye to send paper to Long Beach 3153 E 4 st   A Mr Ruff & wife called & spent the evening   Sociable pleasant folks   he has plaining mill   38 states have ratified the prohibition amdtmt to constitution  the wets[1] are trying to hold it up in California by the initiative & referendum

[1] The Wets Plank opposed Prohibition

December 10, 1918

Tues 10   clear & cool   pleasant & muddy   I read a while then changd my clothes & took a walk   only got the Hawkeye [Newspaper]   this is a muddy place & seems to dry very slow   after dinner I walked to the office with Jap & staid til 3-30 & walked Home 10 or 11 blox   found company here   a Mrs Stinson & daughter Hellen & Miss Dodge   these I & mother had met here 10 yrs ago   a Mrs Wheatly & we are having a good visit   Jap is very busy in his Dental office   customers coming & going   he has rooms on 3rd floor of a bank bdg & has a huge Elks antler hung in his office   a trophy of his hunting trips   Mrs Stinson brot us some real good pears   after our Co left Jap & I went to Isabels   found Marjorie better & will likely rest to nite

November 27, 1918

Wed 27   Warmer   Mostly cloudy   took salts   W & H are washing   at 10-30 I went to Dr Betty Owens Osteopath & took another treatmt for constipation & lame back   I pd Dr $2,50c for the 2 treatments   PM I went with Willard & he got a fine Chicken 8 lbs   he pd $2   we are having a good visit & we are getting anxious to hear from Leslie   I sent cards to Hawkeye & to W Democrat to send to grand Junction Colorado