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March 22, 1918

Friday March 22 1918  Cooler dark cloudy  the funeral day of my beloved boy Vic  his last day in his home  our children are all here Except 3  Sylvia Isabel & Nellie  we dont know why they dont come  Many many friends & Nabors assembled to attend the funeral  the boys got 41 chairs from the Baptist church  Mother & I went up stairs with all our relatives & our house big as it is & the porch was full & 32 families sent flowers  I never saw as many flowers at a funeral  Dutton & several Nabors lent their auto  the roads were fine & we buried Dear Vic in the old Taylor Cemetery with our little boy Ezra [1] & father & Mother Taylor Holden & Laura  Many Many friends went to the cemetery  the largest crowd I ever saw in that cemetery  Rev Barker preached a short sermon in our home & with heavy hearts we left our Vic boy & came back home & Willard left for home  the rest stay with us to nite  Clem Greig a friend of Vic is with us to nite  we gave Roy all Vics clothes a big box full & his watch & other trinkets  I put our auto in our own garage

September 21, 1915
              September 21, 1915


[1] Ezra Delos Carr died on his 5th birthday, January 17, 1879.


September 21, 1905

Thursday Sept 21  An Extra fine nice day  Just Such a day as it was 40 yrs ago when Mag & I went to Washington & were married by Judge Brown  Amanda & Allice Leighton & Dave Taylor went with us & I ordered dinner for all at the Ioa House & found V W Carris on the Street & invited him to dinner with us  we Came back to father Taylors for the night  I had a new wagon & a Span of half broke Colts  a board for a Spring seat & we had a fine trip & I can truthfully Say that in Choosing a wife I could not have done better  of course I thought So then & now  I hold to the same opinion  Vic & I dipped 4 pails of water out of the Cistern & I done Some hauling & worked around the new house PM  Mag went with Bell to Maudes & will Stay til Sat  I pd Henry Bartholomew $2 on cistern

September 5, 1882

Tuesday September 5th 1882   I have traded books with Roy & I will now Commence in this but will leave what Roy has written   I started from Scrantons late   drove to Washington   tried to get a geography to send to Dave   could get none   Sent a card to Dave & letter to Hertsler   took dinner & fed team at Bentz’s  stayed around the Court House till most sun down waiting for my case of settlement of Taylor Estate to be called & when it was I couldn’t settle & be released as the year had not elapsed yet so I hitched up my team   paid my Hotel bill 65 ct & drove home by 10 in the Eve   a pleasant Eve & a fine ride   Mag opened the gate for me & I found all right at home

May 31, 1881

Tuesday May 31   went to other place [Isaac’s other farm property] & planted corn till about 2 PM when Roy Came & told me Grandpop was most gone   Mag sent me a note   I Sent Dave to Holdens & I came home & Ez Bradford with me   Father was dead when I got home   died little past 3 PM  was free from pain & died Easy   Mag had sent for Joe England & he was here   Vic Carris Came in Eve & he & Ez stayed all night   I gave Joe England $40,00 of Grandpops money to get a Coffin & a coat & a pair of socks etc to bury him in   Rain a small shower in Eve

May 29, 1881

Harvey Taylor, father of Isaac’s wives, Elizabeth and Margaret, died on May 31, 1881.  He had been a Justice of the Peace in Scioto County, Ohio before moving to Washington County, Iowa, in the 1840’s.  Harvey became a Justice of the Peace in Washington County, Iowa.  He outlived his wife, Eleanor Squires, and six of their children.  Issac’s account of Harvey’s death follows.

Sunday May 29th 1881  A warm pleasant day  Roy is about the same   has bad head ache  he went away yesterday on his colt to go to Magahns & came home apparently dranged [deranged]  didnt know any thing  Mag sent for Dr. Nickles at Nira  Grandpop is still growing worse