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May 31, 1897

Monday May 31  Cool but Sunny & dry  I took Harriet to See her directors about letting Bell teach while She goes to Io[w]a City  all were willing  I then went to Nira & got mail  home late to dinner  Mr Mathews Co [County] Supervisor called on me about road & bridge matters  we fixed some fence & other odd jobs  Harve worked out my road tax with team in the Carris dis [district] & I paid Geo Smith Supervisor my money tax 73c


May 29, 1897

As a member, and Post Commander, of the Ed Hamlin Post, Grand Army of the Republic, Isaac gave speeches at special events.

Saturday May 29  A very Extra nice day  No dust no mud & just warm Enough light wind a perfect day  we all went 2 teams to Wellman to decoration & had I think the best Services we have Ever had  I got through with my parts without a Stop or Even a slight mistake & Mrs. Rothrock of CR [possibly Cedar Rapids] spoke 55 min & done fine  we took dinner by previous invitation at the Editors Mr Reeds  had a good dinner  Strawberries &c & a real Social time generally & in the Eve I took the whole family to the band festival & we had ice cream Strawberries &c  one of my teams hauled the Wellman band to the Cemetery  Harve drove  he has worked 255 days & drew $91,45  home in time for milk & chores

May 28, 1897

Friday May 28th  My 61st birth day & I feel real well  I am having fairly good health for me  PM I went to Wellman  Bell & Sylvia went along & we helped to decorate the Methodist Church preparatory to decoration service  Bell & I got home in good Season  Sylvia stayed at Amanda’s  Harve trimmed raspberries & hoed in the garden &c  a real nice day

May 21, 1897

Friday May 21  A very nice growing day  Bells last day of School  I helped Holden on the Scale house till noon & some after & we Mag Sylvia Harriet & I went to Keota to see Bell graduate  I got Supper at a restaurant 25c  put team in A E Adams barn 25c  Mag & the girls went to Mrs. Sanders  the Exercises were real good & Bell had secured good seats for us  the orations were all good & Bells not behind any of them  we got home at 1 in the night  roads Some rought but midling fair  Sow the first corn up this spring  I paid Harve $5  Bell Stayed at Keota

May 17, 1897

Monday May 17th 1897  A nice warm sunny day  I took Bell to Keota to School also the Hamilton girl  I paid Mrs. Sanders $5 on Bells board bill & that pays all up to next Friday eve the last day of Bells School  I got rollers & hinges for Scale house doors at Stewarts 4,60 & 18 ft steel track  home at noon & PM I helped Holden work on the Scale house & got very tired  Harve harrows corn