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September 17, 1899

Saturday September 17th 1898 A very fine day Martin & I went to Wellman he got his horses shod I got beef Steak & we came home to dinner & PM Mart & Wife & I & Mag went to Wellman I looked thro the house with several among them S T Leighton & Fred Klokenteger I got 3 watermellons 2 doz Banannas 50c Harve cut & hauled a load of white oak poles to Wellman from the Hughbanks timber he has worked 297 days & drew 133 dols & fifty cts


January 1, 1899

Isaac starts out the new year by writing “New years day & we are all well”.

This journal entry talks about saying goodbye to farm life and his hired hand, Harve, along with documenting his farm and in-town grain supplies.  Isaac also documents his financial accounts in keeping with past journal entries and talks about his new home in town.

Sunday January 1st 1899  Cold & dry  a cold tho not hard South wind  Sylvia Jap Mag & I & Nellie Vic & Leslie went to Holdens to Spend the day by invitation  we had a good visit & after dinner I came with Jap to get his team & he & Sylvia went home to Keota  Lola Oldaker is with our girls  Jap pulled a tooth or the roots of one for Maude this morning  there is no snow on the ground but roads are Somewhat rough  we are all getting well used to our new home & like it real well  by being away to day the girls didn’t quite understand the furnace & rather neglected it & I have had more trouble than Common in keeping our rooms up to 70 degrees this Eve  I hardly know whether we have got the right kind of a furnace or not  tho I think if we had good dry wood it will be all right  our plumbing & all connected with it gives good Satisfaction except the air pressure tank don’t Serve us as well as I Expected  our Gasoline lights are all we could ask & if nothing occurs to change my mind I shall like town life real well  My hired man Harve Dorrance that had worked for me 12 yrs I paid off & let him go  Some weeks ago  I have no use for a hand now  I have near 400 bu of Corn here in my Crib & at least 5000 bu Cribbed up on my farm  I have about 300 bu of oats here & 400 on the farm  I also have 2 good rix of hay & a mow 12x14x34 & another 20x16x20 in barn on my farm  I have a driving team of grays 5 yrs old & a team of draft colts 5 in Spring & a riding colt 2 yrs in Spring & 2 good cows & 2 pigs  I have now $1350 in Wellman bank  Most of it time deposit Stockholders certificate at 7%  in fact all but $250,00 & I have $18 being 4th annual div of Keota farmers bank 6% & one dollar in Silver & I have now $2050,00 in Wellman Savings bank $1100 bu of rent corn & 7 or 8 hundred bu of fair rent oats  I have put in all my time thro the summer Superintending my building [new house in Wellman] & am well Satisfied with it  there has been much Sickness the last fall & mostly typhoid fever & many Cases proved fatal  I am very thankful we have all escaped  Bell is teaching School & boards at John Romine’s  I take her Every Monday morning & go for her Every Friday Eve  Some trips it is great a task for me but I will do all I am able to encourage my girls to make their living & Save what they Earn  good bye to the old year

November 19, 1898

Saturday November 19th 1898  A real nice cool day  light NW wind  Mag heard a mouse in our organ last night & we took the organ nearly all apart  took Evry key out  found quite a nest but no mouse  Near 10 AM we had got all ready (Mag & Joe & I)  & Started to Keota to to vist Sylvia  arrived Safe about noon & found them well & dinner ready  roads good  we looked around Keota after dinner & I got Shaved & hair cut at Shermans & Carris 35c  in the Eve Called at Ralph Hamiltons drug Store & other places & finally got to bed after 10  Harve has worked 350 days & drew $150,50

October 22, 1898

Saturday October 22nd 1898  Cool Cloudy & damp but Cleared off towards evening & the roads dried Some  Vic has rode my Millie Mare a few times to Exercise her  My horses are getting to feel Extra good being kept up all this bad weather  PM I drove up to my old farm with Joe who was very glad to get back to the old place & said he would rather live there than in Wellman  we got a Sack of apples the sowing machine squash punkins turnips & Roy lent us a fresh Spare rib & backbone  Bell came from her School over north to Roys & we brought her home  also a Bohemian girl working for Roy rode to town with us  quite a load  Mr. Jess Longwell & Mrs. Sade Topping called & Spent the Evening, Harve 326 & $142.50

October 11, 1898

Tuesday October 11th  A real nice day & Clear  A day I shal allways remember  the day I left the old farm & I think for good  the farm where I have worked so hard  Early & late & been very Successful  where I have raised a big family of good Children  I borrowed a wagon of Roy & we loaded 2 wagons & all Came to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  unloaded & Harve & Mag & I went back & brought 2 more loads  tis real chilly  arrived at nearly dark & unloaded  Bell also Came to pass the first night in our new home from her school near 4 miles west  Maude & Nellie had supper ready & we were ready for Supper  I sold $25 worth Chickens

I. N. Carr's Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa
                  I. N. Carr’s Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa