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September 18, 1899

Sunday Sept 18 A real nice warm day I have Stiff neck & feel very dumpish I filled the refrigerator with nice ice & salted all stock & shaved Roy here all day Martin Scrantons went home after dinner Frank Hix here Sylvia Harriet Nellie & Willard went to Keota Nellie to help Sylvia fix her house in Keota Mag & the children picked one bushel of damson plums


September 16, 1897

Harriet Eleanor Carr married Rev. J. Willard DeYoe, the son of James S. DeYoe and Gina B. Welton. 

Thurs Sept 16  Cooler  rained in the morning  we thought Harriet would have a gloomy wedding but it cleared off near 11 AM & the guests began to come & we had a grand good day & all went off as it Should  we had over a 100 here to dinner  I gave them $100 in gold & they got many nice presents & in the Evening 7 Chivareers[1] came & made night hideous with horns guns Bells &c  there were more of them but only 7 came in  I went out & invited them in  we gave them Supper & used them well & I guess they wished themselves at home  I paid Mrs. Hicks [possibly Clarissa Hicks, wife of William] $1,50 for baking buns for the wedding.

[1] Wikipedia – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charivari

June 9, 1897

Wednesday June 9  A Real Cool Cloudy dismal day  too cool for corn  Cora gave us the 2nd ____ of strawberries  were all blasted & are no good tho the vines looked fine  Harve Commenced plowing corn north of the orchard  Bell took Harriet to school & went for her in the Eve & tis looking for a School  I had potatoes in the plum grove hoed in the garden & made a double tree for corn plow Harve broke in  it rained a few light cold showers

June 8, 1897

Tuesday June 8  A nice pleasant day  Mag Bell Maude & I also Cora went to Harve’s Mothers funeral  Sermon by Rev Hites  buried at the old Taylor grave yard & we all went by invitation to Charley Johnsons to dinner  his wife Eliza Sigler invited us & we had a good dinner  looked at his place Stock &c & came home Early & Bell took team & went for Harriet & to see about getting a School  Harve came home & found his corn plow

May 31, 1897

Monday May 31  Cool but Sunny & dry  I took Harriet to See her directors about letting Bell teach while She goes to Io[w]a City  all were willing  I then went to Nira & got mail  home late to dinner  Mr Mathews Co [County] Supervisor called on me about road & bridge matters  we fixed some fence & other odd jobs  Harve worked out my road tax with team in the Carris dis [district] & I paid Geo Smith Supervisor my money tax 73c

May 21, 1897

Friday May 21  A very nice growing day  Bells last day of School  I helped Holden on the Scale house till noon & some after & we Mag Sylvia Harriet & I went to Keota to see Bell graduate  I got Supper at a restaurant 25c  put team in A E Adams barn 25c  Mag & the girls went to Mrs. Sanders  the Exercises were real good & Bell had secured good seats for us  the orations were all good & Bells not behind any of them  we got home at 1 in the night  roads Some rought but midling fair  Sow the first corn up this spring  I paid Harve $5  Bell Stayed at Keota

March 2, 1897

Tuesday Mar 2  Cloudy & a Moderate winter day  Harve & I went to the timber & got a load of poles for Scale timbers & Some posts & wood & PM I went to Nira  I drove my Champ Colt all day & he went well  I took the children to School & drove Prince colt  he is getting to go better Every time & I drove from Nira around by Harriets School & brought her home  my Colt is a little lame & quite tired  I got $25,73 Church money from R H Lindauer  there was Snow this morning & I used a Sled & Sleigh all day