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August 1, 1918

Thurs Aug 1st   A fine pleasant day  partly cldy   I got our laundry from Carrie A & pd her 1,25   I hired E C Goodwin to take Nellie & kid & W & Harriet to Washington this morning & they will go to Olathe, Kansas  Harriets home this eve   I got Crackers Oranges for some lunch & gave Nellie $65,00 & Harriet $25,00   Nellie looks bad & is weak   we are uneasy about her   I got 2 suits underwear & cuff at K Bakers chk 3,00   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos   Mother & I are alone again   the first since last spring   Mrs. Ruby called this eve   our army in France & the Huns are about at a standstill after 2 weeks fighting   many reported Killed but nothing decisive   we fumigated & disinfected the N [north] room up stairs where Nellie has slept the last 6 wks with formaldehyde starch for 7 hours   Dr Wells advised this as did Leslie for fear of Tuberculosis germs

July 30, 1918

Tues 30   A very fine comfortable da   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos & mowed some lawn   I got a doz ears sweet corn for dinner   Willard came this morning from Keota & got Harriet & they went back to Keota to stay til eve   we recd a card from Leslie   has got as far as Chicago  drayman Liebe came & got Isabels trunk & box & took to the depot   I am to pay him 25c   Lavanda & Ellen called this eve & it is quite cool   it was 56 this morning at the well house   Ash read our light meter but not the stove   war news continue to favor the allies

April 2, 1918

Tues 2   Cool & cloudy   cool NE wind   thunder & shower   I got right to work this morning & uncovered my strawberries   then a Central Life Assurance agt came to adjust the policy held by Dear boy Vic  Evry yearly dues was fully pd up & the adjuster handed mother a draft for $2000,00   H G Moore came with the man   Vic must have had his mothers intrest at heart when he kept the policy so well pd up   tis very hard to give him up   I was proud of him   I went down town & got a thick nice beef steak $1,00   Harriet cookd it    Painters finishd at noon grape arbor & all   I gave Ward chk for 7,75 for paint  shower this eve   kept cow in Barn

March 24, 1918

Sunday March 24 1918  heavy frost this morning but a bright fine day  the 3 girls Dave & I went to Church AM but Ellen & Mother staid at home  I went to Cady & Jones garage & engaged a man to drive our car to the Taylor cemetery   this PM at 3 we started for the cemetery with Arthson? Jones driver & were soon there  allways a melancholy spot  it seemed much more so to day  when I thot of the many times Vic had taken us there & now he lies there for all time I could harly control my feelings  we found vics grave covered with flowers & went around & saw other graves of relatives & friends & were soon back home & put our auto in the Shiller garage & I pd Jones $2 for 5 gals gasoline & driving  Chas & Hattie Darbyshire calld & Ellen went with them to Keota & will go home  Dave Nora Harriet & Maude went to church this eve  a beautiful nite

March 23, 1918

Sat 23  partly cloudy & cooler lt E wind  we arose at 6-30 & soon Ellen Gardner came with her auto & took Roy to Washington to go home & Clem Greig left middle AM to visit friends up west  I made a fire in the furnace & burned the many many flower boxes  our 3 girls Nora Harriet & Maude with Dave are having a good visit & with their Aunt Ellen  Mother is feeling more reconciled to day & was around the Kitchen some  I finishd spreading manure on my garden & I think all the time of my Dear Boy Vic & why oh why must he do this rash act  how lonely we will be & oh how he must have suffered while contemplating this sad ending of his bright & promising young life  a week ago this PM he clerkd a sale there in town & now lies cold in the Taylor Cemetery  farewell Dear Vic  Mrs Myrtle McReynolds & family sent us a fine boquet of hot house flowers

March 19, 1918

Tues 19  A warm nice summer like da  Roy came from Washington at 3 this morn & went to bed  Effie Hull brot Willard & Harriet & Mrs Deyoe from Washington  A sorrowful home coming  many nabor women came & helpd  Florilla Longwell came & looked after churning butter  Willard Harriet Roy Leslie & I went to Bidwells & chose a casket  Walnut $235 & a metallic case $75 & Roy got Rupes car & took Willard & his mother to Keota & went to Washington & Brot Ellen Brewer  Came at 7 & I ate Supper with them  many came in this eve  about 3 pm  Bidwell & others with auto Hearse brot Vic  my allways pleasant Boy Vic & we laid him in the tower corner of the parlor & Barker Brown sent nice flowers   Amos Hull & Ora Star stay with us to nite

March 18, 1918

When I first read the following passage about Victor Carris Carr, Isaac and Margaret’s son, I considered not adding this journal entry and others that followed to this blog because of the sensitivity of the event, but this is Isaac’s story.  So, they will be included.  Also, since Vic was unmarried and had no descendants, the decision was a little easier to make.

Monday March 18 1918  An extra fine warm day  I fixt some lawn where our gas pit was & I spread some manure & got an old heavy bench I bot at a sale Sat [Saturday] & Moore phoned to Mother [that] Vic had shot himself & soon word came that he had past away with out regaining conscious & Oh how we were shockd & such a good business man in the Bank & so Kind to his parents   Evrything allways suited him & he never gave his parents a saucy or unkind word   I never heard him use any bad language & we cant imagine any cause whatever for the rash deed   many of our kind neighbors came to help & offer sympathy & Mrs Morrow kindly telegraphed to all our children & John & Ellen Brewer & we heard from Nora Maude & Harriet   Vernon & Geneva Sigler came from Washington this eve & Vernon took me to the Hotel & I got a long distance [call] from Harriet   she will be in Washington at 7 tomorrow morning & Effie Hull will meet them with her auto   Mother is nearly prostrated & cannot be consoled or comforted   our gloomiest & most sorrowful day