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April 18, 1919

Friday April 18 1919   heavy frost this morn   we are both reasonably well   tis Mothers 72 birth day & She is well preservd considering the large family she has raised & the work she has done & we have reason to be very thankful   I got shaved at Hulls 15c   I got red soap 10c   we are invited to our friends Mrs Smith Rupe & went at 11   E Bradford called & went with us & then we all went & got the mail   mother recd several Birth day cards & letter from Harriet   Charley Blumenstine & wife also at Rupes & we had a real good visit & Mrs R had prepared a most excellent dinner which we all enjoyd & we came home after 4 & Hod Wilson & wife came & Spent the Eve   we only had fire in the grate & were warm Enuf  we got the word thru Lavanda that Leslie will be Discharged from the Army tomorrow & be home soon & tis sure good News   we also look for Dave from St Paul & maybe Roy   we hope so


April 9, 1919

Wednesday April 9 1919   Left Harriets in the rain   Arose Early & found it raining   couldn’t use auto so we took Electric called Strang line for KC  arrived 7-30 AM   still raining  found our trunk & chekd it to Wellman   pd $21,35 for 2 tickets to Wellman via Muscatine & I am sick from riding on the electric & felt dizzy & miserable all day & it raind most of the time   a woman & her kids put in the time eating   we ate dinner & supper from the lunch that Harriet gave us   arrivd in Muscatine at 8 eve & put up at the New Muscatine Hotel close to depot & a fine room & a good bed

April 8, 1919

Tues 8   Harriets   Cool   a fine morning   I feel much better & Slept fair last nite & ate 6 good pan cakes this morning & at morning devotion I read 15 verses of the 57 psalm & read the morning papers how Pres [President] Wilson is about to bolt the peace conference   we took several rides in & around town & all ate a good dinner   Willard took his nabors to a funeral  it rained after supper & thundered & lightened & mother & Harriet went to a school play   Now I am up with my diary   wrote this May 25 after attending old Mr Lupes funeral with Mr & Mrs Pery Agers

April 7, 1919

Mon 7   Cooler   fine day   rain last Nite with thunder & lightning   we arose Early   I ate good Pan Cakes for breakfst & feel better   recd a card from Lavanda in Desmoines with Leslie   Expect to be at Wellman soon   a card from Dave   I went down town with Willard to get things   Willard went with Paul to school & he made his first start for school in Kansas  Harriet & W will adopt Paul & give him their name [1]   I went down town with W pm   A boy came & got mothers & my clothes to press   I read awhile in Burns & feel better this eve & played checkers with Paul

[1]  Paul was listed in the 1920 and 1930 census returns as Paul DeYoe.  When Paul married his wife, Eleanor Catherine Brogden in 1935, he went by Paul Carr Palmer and kept the Palmer name for the remainder of his life.

April 6, 1919

Sunday Apr 6, 1919   Harriets in Olathe   the 57 anniversary of Battle of Shiloh & a fine day   beautiful morning   Sun shines by spells   I am dizzy & my head feels bad yet I ate a fair breakfst of Harriets good pancakes  put on my Brown Suit & at 11 am Mother & I went to M E Church & Willard preached a good Sermon on the usefulness of life & getting money to help the lords cause   I ate a hearty dinner & feel better   I gave a dollar Bill at church

April 5, 1919

Sat 5   at Harriets in Olathe Kas   As fine a day as I ever knew & we slept late til 8 oclock   Harriet had extra fine pancakes for breakfst & mother is about well   this beats California   74 in shade   I sent a card to Wellman to Frank Arthur to open our house & put our plumbing & electric in order  I went down town with Willard & Paul [Palmer] & got shaved 15c   we had late dinner 3pm   I took a bath & put on clean clothes   we all took a long auto ride south & west   a beautiful day   many farming & wheat  extra fine & lots of it   I took my brown suit to be prest & got it back this eve   I bot cocoanut candy & after dinner mints 45c   Harriet prepared a lunch   I didnt eat any

April 4, 1919

Fri 4  fine day on Santa fe rr in Pullman   fine da   were at Lapenta & Trinidad   Cold in the morning   mother is quite poorly & hoarse with a cold   we ate no breakfst   near Noon we ate a lunch from our stock    at Dodge City near noon we set our time ahead 1 hour central time   mother & I sat in observation car & saw the first corn stalks in Kansas   at 3-30 tis real warm & 2 Electric fans try to cool it in our car   much water on both sides of the track thru Kansas as tho much rain had fallen   we ate lunch in our seats & time hung heavy   the train sped on & prompt   on time in KC & we bade good bye to new found friends   Especially our young Boston friend who gave us his lower Berth   Willard came post haste & met us & we were glad all round   were soon in Olathe & Harriets fine clean home   letter [from] Lavanda in Des moines