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February 9, 1920

Isaac and Margaret arrived in Long Beach on January 24, 1920, and stayed at the Hotel Del-Mar.

Isaac wrote that they found the city full of tourists this is a quiet agreeable city in the more than 2 weeks we have been here have heard no bad talk & saw no signs of intoxication many young Soldiers here mostly discharged clean gentlemanly respectful boys but in evry single instance smoking cigaretts morn noon & night & all the time it was a mistaken act of kindness when our charitable organizations encouraged this habit so contrary to law & wellbeing many gar are here Ocean park is their favorite meeting place where they gather to tell the truth & pitch horse shoes a space being reserved & especially fited for this game thru the Kindness of Mr. [Aron] Palmer we have taken many rides in all directions


December 28, 1919

Sun 28 Dark Cloudy damp mist we arose late & had biscuits for breakfst Harriet Willard & Paul went to SS [Sunday School] & I washed my feet & put on clean clothes & at 11 we all went to church & Willard preachd a good sermon on Eternity then Dave went with Harriet & W to a short funeral service & mother Roy Paul & I came home we had dinner at 1-30 & at 3-PM Roy & I went with Willard to the GAR Hall to memorial services for GAR & WRC who died the past year & Willard made an address I met many Comrades & WRC

August 20, 1919

Wednesday August 20th 1919   looked much like rain most of the am but only Sprinkled   Mary T Bradford calld   mother cookd a Squash   our first  Mrs Aggson called fitting a dress   I got late mail at Noon  no letters   I workd some at my logs for wood in the alley   Kelly Stopt & talkd awhile  Pm we went to Chautaugua   A very poor part 6 or 7   girls fiddled & screamed & acted fools   an air ship & lecture promised to day but failed to come  it seems the Chau[taugua] Company[1] can fail on the program at will & a long suffering public has no redress but if I try to buy a ticket & am short a nickle I get no ticket   all one sided   it only lasted a little over an hour but twas plenty long Enuf   I saw John Romine 2 pm of GAR about sending our post per capita tax   I got our laundry from Carrie A & pd her 1,25   I greased my heavy shoes & hung them in the well house   I shaved

[1] The University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections: Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautaugua in the Twentieth Century, http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/sc/tc/

July 4, 1919

Friday July 4th 1919   Mostly cloudy   we arose a little early as I am Chmn of the decoration Committe & Wellman celebrates to day   I got Nails wire pincers & hammer   I put out 3 flags at home & took flowers to Mrs C C Gardner to help make a boquet to dek the Speakers stand   I went to the park & 2 Ash boys & Mrs Clark Brown & Mrs C C Gardner helpd with decorations & we got a good job done   put lots of flags on trees & drest the Speakers stand in flags & Bunting   had a horse & pony show on Main St   it was real good   have 2 Bands   a brass Band & fife & drum   the GAR were to ride in autos in the right of the procession to the park but no autos were for GAR tho there were thousands of them all around & the GAR were ordered or requested [to] fall in between the 2 bands & march to the park but we didn’t march   Neither did the Spanish war Soldiers Nor the world war soldiers   Fred K & I went to PO & got our mail & I came home to dinner   Geo Sigler put his horse in my barn for the day   it thundered & lookd so much like that Mother & I who had gone to the park aftr dinner came home & it failed to rain for a while but about 3-30 it lookd more like rain & I took my pincers & went to the park & commencd taking down flags   Seth Carris Jr came along & I had a talk with him & it raind slow & Easy   C C Gardner & Hambright came & helpd me & we took down all the flags & bunting & left them at Gardners & Hambrights lumber office   it is all mussed & quite damp   I came home to Supper & sat on the porch while it rained just about right & we needed it all & the atmosphere is cleared & cooler   this is sure the least interesting of any 4 of July I remember   the main speaker a violent wildly gesticulating Irishman was of little intrest to me   he worked entirely too hard   I met several old time friends & was glad to meet them   the threatening Showers this Pm put a damper on all the drill proceedings that needed no damper   there were no balloon ascensions as advertised & except visiting with old friends all was dull & uninteresting   in the am hot & very dusty & PM showers

February 1, 1919

Sat feb 1st & rainy dark & gloomy   we had breakfast at Delmar Cafe 25c for both   we wrote to John & Ellen   Mother wrote to Lavanda   I have headache & feel poorly all day   took dinner at ymca  pd 61c both & went to a store & bot a skirt for Nellie & stockings for Margaret   pd 1,15   read awhile in Minnesota book   bot LA paper 3c   Mother & I walkd to Chamber Commerce & look over the Iowa register [1]  found Mr & Mrs Rupe reg [registered] 2 yrs ago & Vern & Geneva Sigler reg last summer   we took supper at Delmar Cafe  30c for 2   to bed at 8-30   have heat & we need it   we sat in the Sun parlor awhile but too cold

[1] In addition to visiting his children out West, Isaac was in California for a reunion of Civil War soldiers that was held every year and sponsored by the Grand Army of the Republic.

January 3, 1919

Fri 3   frost & cool all day & clear   All the people are telling this the coldst spell   never saw any as cold   Allie came from down town & said we are all invited to joint installation of GAR post & WRC   (I had been invited before)   we all put on our best clothes & went   found a goodly assemblage  20 or more GAR & 65 to 75 WRC & all very friendly & social  had a good dinner   then Allie Mother & Nora left as Allie had a church business meeting   I staid to all the services & it was real good   I was asked to occupy the Chaplains Chair as he was absent   the WRC was especially interesting & the president asked me to make remarks which I did & came home 3 or 4 pm   Leslie faild to get home   a wrong with his auto   he phoned for money

December 21, 1918

Saturday December 21st 1918   at Isabels in G J Colo  [Grand Junction, Colorado]   Shortest day in the year   I am feeling fairly good this morning   Mother & I wrote to Fred Klockenteger & sent a check for $2 to pay our GAR & WRC dues   I took a bromo quinine tablet   I went to Sylvias PM & shaved   took a bath & put on clean clothes & aftr   I came back   mother went & Staid til aftr 9 in the eve   Isabel went to sing practice & I was here alone til aftr 8