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January 1, 1902

Isaac writes his year-end report about 1901.

Wednesday January 1st 1902  A real nice day  Some chilly & partly cloudy with reasonable good roads  Mr Weller called this AM & I called on Comrade Fetrow confined to his house with rheumatism & took him a basket of grapes & we all went to the Baptist peoples at the rink & got our dinner 6 of us including Bell who walked down & is improving & the 6 of us went back in the Evening & got Supper  I took oysters & I bought a can ½ gal cherries 35c  a half cake 25c  a pie 14c  we passed a very pleasant evening  the past Season has been very dry  too much so for good crops especially Corn which was mostly a light crop  I got about 700 bu from the Hughbanks place & sold half or more of it at 57c a bu  I Sold Roy 1500 bu of old corn at 50c a bu & Sold Darnell near 1000 bu of my oldest Corn at 55c a bu  it was some spoiled  I had kept it 7 or 8 yrs  I Sold E F Smith 2963 bu Shelled at 60c bu & Roy boarded Shellers & delivered the corn  I paid Geo Foster $22,20 for Shelling  Smith has paid me none on the Corn  I Sold Smith 944 bu of Corn from Hughbanks place at 50c bu & gave Roy 3c a bu for hauling  he finished 16 Aug & put 80 bu in my town crib & Same date Smith paid me $472,25c  My Hughbanks farm has paid me right well this last season  the Corn was light but price good & I think made me over $6 an acre rent for the corn ground  I have now about $300 in bank on Sight deposit & $3100,00 on time deposit at 6 % & 3270,00 out at interest mostly 6%  I recd a 10 year div [dividend?] on my $300 Keota bank Stock  lately my Wellman bank Stock has never done as well I got a $2 increase on my pension the past yr & Since our hard time with typhoid fever last Spring we have all had good health  I have been real well this winter  no bad colds  Mag is feeling well for her  I built a good handy house to rent last Summer  it cost me $1825,00c & rents to Thos Reany for $12 a month  I bought 2 or nearly 2 lots of Jos Adams for $200,00  My garden mostly done poorly  too dry  I had 6 or 8 bu potatos at digging time  had plenty to use thro the Summer  very little corn  light crop tomatos  no beans  Roy brought me 10 bu potatos from the Hughbanks place & I bought of Romine & Oldaker 10 bu at 90c  raised enough Cabbage for Summer use  have my team Prince & Alex & colt coming 2 in Spring  2 good cows  2 good pigs  450 or 500 lbs a barrel of nice turnips I raised & we had quite a few grapes  canned 15 qts & we had plenty of plums  Some goose berries  May we do as well next year  we have much to be thankful for & little to complain of


August 29, 1895

Thursday Aug 29  rained a little last night & is misty drizzly & damp & foggy this morning  a poor prospect for thrashing  So after breakfast the thrashers went home & the 2 hands to trimming hedge on the north  Mag & Sylvia took Harriet to Keota to go to Washington [county seat of Washington County, Iowa] to take her teachers Examination over  She failed before in both grammar & Arithmetic  2 Most important Studdies that comes of not having her mind on her Studdies  She is too much taken up with beaus & foolishness  it cleared off most beautiful about 9 AM & after dinner we went to other place & finished thrashing there  had 1467 ½ of nice oats  we moved the machine up to the Stax in the E pasture  got Stuck with the Engine in the Slough ditch down East but hitched on a Span of horses & pulled out & got in to Supper at 8-30 feeling good  I paid Ed Romine & Geo Foster off  Each $1 for helping thrash at other place  Mag took 41# butter to B&S at 15c