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August 31, 1870

Isaac traveled to Des Moines, Iowa in late August 1870 for a reunion with his Union regiment and infantry unit.  This trip was important to him and was a chance to reminisce with fellow soldiers.

Wednesday Aug 31st 1870   Left the cars [railroad cars] for Camp at day light   we were furnished a good breakfast of bread coffee beef cheese &c&c [etc.]   then went to the grounds near the Capitol & listened to Speech by Gen Bellknap & remarks by Gen Sherman Gen Baker & Gov Merrit   then back to Camp to dinner   then formed the reg [regiment] & marched to the City across the Desmoins river & around the Main Central Square & then broke ranks   I went to the Arsenal & Saw our old battle flags & many other mementoes of the late war 28 or 29 of our Company F were present   a few had changed in their looks so I hardly knew them but the most of them looked the same as 5 years ago   it was a great pleasure to meet old comrads & renew as it were our camp life   it looks much like rain & most of the boys left the fly tents & went to town to find dryer quarters   I feel most well again


July 4, 1865

Tuesday, July 4, 1865   4 miles SE of Louisville, K. Y.   Weather very warm   we assembled at eight Oclock in a cool nice shade close by our camp to await the arrival of Genl Sherman   he arrived at 10 A M looking very pleasant   made us a short speech but twas delivered with a Solemnity and depth of feeling seldom witnessed   all were deeply impressed with his farewell address of our beloved Sherman   about noon returned to quarters   guards refused to go on duty but were persuaded after calling the brig Genl but immediately spit all their spite on a Sutler and cleaned him out   Shooting of muskets and revolvers very lively in camp   I took a good drink of wine with [Wallace] Darrow for my stomach’s Sake    I recd a letter from Allice  one from carpenter in Leightons [1]

[1] The Leightons were a farm family in Washington County, Iowa. At about age 18, Isaac was looking for work when Isaac Leighton’s children invited him to their house.   He told Mr. Leighton about his circumstances. Isaac Leighton gave him work and a place to stay.

July 3, 1865

4 miles S E of Louisville K.Y.  Monday, July 3, 1865   Reveillee at one A M  as we start at two we hurry breakfast and barely have time to swallow it  March at two the morning is very fine   we arrive at the river at sunrise   all are dressed clean and neat   our Co all have white collars but two  McDowell got drunk and acted very foolish   could not march in ranks  Sherman arrived at eight in open carriage followed by seven other carriages containing prominent men   we formed one rank on either side of the street   Genl passed between bear headed   we presented arms  Marched up to Osborns house where the Genl Stoped   we proceeded on to camp   Several boys in the brigade were too drunk to get to camp Soon  tis too bad men will so debase themselves

July 2, 1865

At long last, Isaac and his fellow soldiers heard some good news.

Sunday, July 2, 1865 4 miles SE of Louisville, K. Y.   Warm and Pleasant  Many are having pictures taken as there is an artist in our brig   I sat for my Negative to day and got a good one   will get the pictures about Wednesday or thursday    I spoke for a dozen   cost four dollars   paid in advance   We had preaching in our reg P M  text 3rd chap 20th  verse revelations, I stand at the door and nock was very ably discussed   See orders this evening that Genl Sherman arrives in town via river tomorrow morning and our brig [brigade] is ordered to move at 2 P M in morning to escort him through town   We dont like the idea of rising so soon but anything for Sherman

May 11, 1865

Manchester, VA.  Thursday, May 11, 1865   Warm and Pleasant   laid long in bed this morning   the twentieth and fourteenth Corps’s marched for Washington City to day   the fifteenth and Seventeenth Corps’ will probably start tomorrow   I guess the Eastern troops don’t want us to prolong our stay here   Shermans boys raised a big muss in Richmond last night   my health which has been rather poor since we left Goldsboro is not so good today and I am afraid I wont stand this march very well   boys of the Sixth and twenty fifth Iowa regs were over today   Genl Halleck did not review Shermans army today nor will he tomorrow as he proposed   I suppose our Genl Sherman thinks he knows when he wants his boys reviewed

May 10, 1865

Manchester, VA [1]  Wednesday, May 10, 1865   Rather cool   had Reveillee a little before sunrise but we laid abed till we got tired as we were not going to march   had a cold rain yesterday P M and looks some like rain today   a cold wind drew clothing   took a walk down to the James river and up through Manchester   quite a business place directly opposite Richmond  several schooners laying in the river which here appears to be about half a mile wide   as we came up through town the twenty fourth corps Eastern troops being on guard undertook to drive the Seventeenth Corps boys out of town but could not make it   three shots were fired   Stones flew freely   the guards fell back and Shermans boys went in to the Sutlers [2]  in a way that bid fair to at least nock off some of the profits   all quiet now   the 17th corps on guard   24th across the river

[1] Manchester, Virginia is a former independent city in Virginia and served as the county seat of Chesterfield County between 1870-1876, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manchester,_Richmond,_Virginia)

[2] A sutler was a civilian merchant who sold wares to an army.  See:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sutler

April 26, 1865

Wednesday, April 26, 1865  reveilee at day break with orders to move at six   hurried breakfast and just got knapsacks packed when the order was countermanded   tis a real pleasant morning   I have just been taking a walk down the road thinking how a day or two ago our hearts beat light with the hope of a speedy settlement of our National difficulties but now it seems prospects are not so bright   we have nothing reliable but a day or two may set things all right again   lay in camp all day   2 passenger cars went out this morn having on board Genls Sherman Schofield Howard and Blair  are supposed going out to hold another conference with Johnston   cars came in this eve at 8   Genl Blair announced Johnston surrendered   great rejoicing firing small arms bursting Canteens and playing of brass bands