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January 24, 1923

Wed 24   Dark Damp & rainy    we arose before 8   I am Not feeling well   just after 8 Carrol came from Ontario & took Ralphs car & took Marjorie to school & will Bring Maude & Fred from Ontario for the days visit   Dave wil also Come    Rain don’t stop visiting in California   at 10 Maude Dave Carol & Fred K [Klockentager] came & spent the day & tho it rand [rained] most of the day & I feel poorly   yet we past a pleasant social day & all but Carol left for their homes   No letters

December 15, 1922

Friday December 15 1922  At Harriets in St Francis [Kansas] Moderated mostly clear  Rising temporatur  we arose at 7  all able for Harriets good buckwheats  H & W [Harriet & Willard] are washing  a good day for it  Willard has a Nice fire in the grate  I read the scripture lesson  Luke 23  we got mail at Noon  letters from Nora in Escondido Calif & one from Maude & Fred K in Ontario [California]  Mother & Harriet went calling & Shopping til dark  we ate good Delicious apples & to bed after 9  I finished reading Brewsters Millions [1]

[1] Brewster’s Millions is a novel written by George Barr McCutcheon in 1902; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brewster%27s_Millions


October 16, 1920

Sat 16   A fine cool morning   I carried 5 pails water to scrub front porch   I don’t feel well   Wellman has 875 people & with Lime Creek TP [Township] 2075 & in 1910 we had 2032   I fixt some trap triggers & got mail at Noon   Card from Dave   I got $34 intrest on Bonds & depos it   Fred K gave me a letter from Maude   I wrote to Lincoln Woolen Mills Co dpt 554-208-214 Chicago & I maild the letter this eve & aftr dark C Rowe wife & 2 kids came & Staid an hour   they brot us a gal sweet cider & a qt New Sorgum   they are nice clever people   I bot a nice 4 lb chicken of Zelmers  pd 80c

July 29, 1920

Thursday July 29   Warm dry dusty   Jap & I Split a little wood   then drest in our best & went by invitation to Fanny Stephen in Keota  Stopt on the way at the old Bil Carris home & got Gene [Jean Alean Stephen] [1]  adopted daughter of [William Alexander] Stephen & reached Keota before Eleven   I went down town & met Warren Stewart  Joe Romine & called on Allice Leighton Wolf   went back to Stephen to dinner & an extra good one   calld twice at Theodore Greens   no one at home   a small fire in west part of town   Konklins out bdg nearly total[ed]  Jap & I went   the fire co soon put it out   I met Tip Dayton & went back to Stephen’s & near 6 Eve we had lunch & came home   were delayed Near Fosters by a blow out & got to the PO at 7-50 & found it lockd & my Ioa City daily faild to come   I gave F Klockenteger paper Maude sent & Fred gave me a letter from Maude  this is a beautiful Eve   Keota has improved much since our girls attended school ther & Main St is a nice thorofare & I enjoyd the sociability

[1] Jean Alean Stephen is William Alexander Stephen’s niece. Jean lived with William Stephen and his wife Fanny after her mother died when she was a child.  Jean’s parents were James Samson Stephen and Nellie Jean Nichols, Stephen(s)/Boice Family Tree, Ancestry.com

July 4, 1919

Friday July 4th 1919   Mostly cloudy   we arose a little early as I am Chmn of the decoration Committe & Wellman celebrates to day   I got Nails wire pincers & hammer   I put out 3 flags at home & took flowers to Mrs C C Gardner to help make a boquet to dek the Speakers stand   I went to the park & 2 Ash boys & Mrs Clark Brown & Mrs C C Gardner helpd with decorations & we got a good job done   put lots of flags on trees & drest the Speakers stand in flags & Bunting   had a horse & pony show on Main St   it was real good   have 2 Bands   a brass Band & fife & drum   the GAR were to ride in autos in the right of the procession to the park but no autos were for GAR tho there were thousands of them all around & the GAR were ordered or requested [to] fall in between the 2 bands & march to the park but we didn’t march   Neither did the Spanish war Soldiers Nor the world war soldiers   Fred K & I went to PO & got our mail & I came home to dinner   Geo Sigler put his horse in my barn for the day   it thundered & lookd so much like that Mother & I who had gone to the park aftr dinner came home & it failed to rain for a while but about 3-30 it lookd more like rain & I took my pincers & went to the park & commencd taking down flags   Seth Carris Jr came along & I had a talk with him & it raind slow & Easy   C C Gardner & Hambright came & helpd me & we took down all the flags & bunting & left them at Gardners & Hambrights lumber office   it is all mussed & quite damp   I came home to Supper & sat on the porch while it rained just about right & we needed it all & the atmosphere is cleared & cooler   this is sure the least interesting of any 4 of July I remember   the main speaker a violent wildly gesticulating Irishman was of little intrest to me   he worked entirely too hard   I met several old time friends & was glad to meet them   the threatening Showers this Pm put a damper on all the drill proceedings that needed no damper   there were no balloon ascensions as advertised & except visiting with old friends all was dull & uninteresting   in the am hot & very dusty & PM showers

February 7, 1919

Fri 7  Cool & partly cloudy   wrote to Harriet   both feeling well   took breakfst in Delmar Cafe  20 c for both   I got a 3c paper & read awhile in the Parlor   recd letters from Fred Klockenteger & Emma Carr   Fred K has paid my GAR dues & mothers WRC dues   I got shaved  15c  a poor shave met A Palmer & gave him $5 to buy gasoline & he came to Hotel at 11 & mother went home with him   took Nellie candy   I took Min [Minnesota] library book back & went to Advent Cafe for dinner 38c   I wrote long on my Advance letter & then took jitney out to see Dear Nellie   she was not up today & grows weaker   recd letter from Nora & C C Gardner & roll of papers from Nora

January 28, 1919

Tuesday  January 28 1919   Hotel Delmar Long Beach Calif   A fine morn  Slept well  first in a long time   I did not have to get up   we took breakfast at Del Cafe waffles 30c for 2   I went to market & got strawberries 17c peas 34c & raddishs 5c & mother went in Taxi out to Spend the day with Palmers & took the vegetables to Nellie   I took dinner out North 20c   I wrote to Fred Klockenteger & sent a card to Nora & my hand is so nervous it took me 2 hours to write   I got my gray clothes from cleaners & pd 1,00 good job   at 3-30 pm I took taxi & went to Palmers & visit with Nellie an hour   Mother & I took supper at Delmar Cafe 30c for 2   sat on sun parlor awhile   to bed 8,30

December 30, 1918

Mon 30   cool N wind but clear Sunny   I took a short walk   the street in front East of Noras is very nice & smoothly paved & many kids are enjoying their roller skates   I saw many oranges on & under the trees & pepper trees & one magnolia   I pict some almonds & cut them open with my knife   they are real good nuts   we recd letters from Sylvia & Isabel & one from Fred Klockenteger & this eve letter from Harriet in Keota telling of the death of Mrs Sina Deyoe at 2 pm   we went in auto to Stockton 12 m south   a fine hard surfaced road   we stopt 2 hrs & came home flying   a fine ride   Allie got a fine 13 lb turkey for New years   I wore my fur cap well pulled down & my overcoat & was none too warm   we waited around Stockton a hour or more for a Mrs Webb who rode with us & then came home without her

December 21, 1918

Saturday December 21st 1918   at Isabels in G J Colo  [Grand Junction, Colorado]   Shortest day in the year   I am feeling fairly good this morning   Mother & I wrote to Fred Klockenteger & sent a check for $2 to pay our GAR & WRC dues   I took a bromo quinine tablet   I went to Sylvias PM & shaved   took a bath & put on clean clothes & aftr   I came back   mother went & Staid til aftr 9 in the eve   Isabel went to sing practice & I was here alone til aftr 8

April 14, 1918

Sun 14   A fine dry da & a little warmer   light SSE wind  Suzane went to Sunday school & home   Mother Maude & I went to church & after dinner we went to Fred Klockentergers an hour or 2   a fine PM for walking   I have a fire in the grate all day   we went to church in the eve  Maude & I   Mother feels sick & dizzy & feels better at home   we got home about 9 & found mother abed   I read awhile