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December 25, 1919

Thursday December 25th 1919 Christmas at Harriets Another dark cloudy dismal day & I am allowed the blest priveleg of spending another Christmas day with my Children Harriet & Willard Mother Dave Roy & Paul & we are sure having a merry Christmas & recd letters & cards from Florilla Longwell Sylvia Jap & Lois  card from Woodberries Hattie Darbyshire our Harriet is most sick & Willard & mother cookd the turkey & we had a most Splendid dinner which we all enjoyd & Harriet ate some & seems better & we all got many presents  I gave Each a $5 bill to Mother Harriet Willard Dave Roy & Paul one $  I got from Leslie an Electric warm pad & Hdkf from baby Lavanda  from Jap & Sylvia a Book & Hdkfs from  Dave a fir hat? & Hdkfs from Harriet & Willard  a very nice pr of grey dress Kid gloves  after dinner we visited & ate some apples in the eve & none wanted Supper  Mother & I went to bed after 9 Willard Dave & Roy visited til 10-30 or more

December 12, 1919

Fri 12  Colder & growing colder & Now we must endure another siege of cold  Mother & I wrote to Mrs Florilla Longwell & also mother wrote to Mrs Aggson  I took 2 Aspirin tablets this eve Willard had a wedding this late pm Orvil Short & we all congratulated them & signd their certificate

September 21, 1919

Sun 21  Cool cloudy & misty  Our 54 Anniversary  we arose late at 8 & it rained most of last nite tho not hard  we went to church am & took umbrella for all the time it lookd dark & threatning  I got a book from My dear Boy Vic’s room this morning  a history of the burning of Iroquois theatre Dec 30, 1903 in Chicago  3 girls came to borrow ancient clothes to tog up for hard time party [1]  this has been a gloomey lonesome day  Mother called at Florilla Longwells  I gave Crosset boys a string to fix their home made auto

[1] A Hard Times Party was described in a newspaper article in The Waupaca Republican, dated February 19, 1897, see: http://www.mainstreet-marketplace.com/pages/Misc/party,%20hard%20times.htm

July 25, 1919

Friday July 25, 1919   hot & dry   Now at 4 Pm tis 98 at the well house  we arose a little early & I called Ora Turnipseed & he will help me with his truck & I engaged Aggson & we went to my pasture in his auto & got a load of dirt on the truck & went to the Taylor Cemetery & fixt the 7 or 8 graves by leveling with 2 loads of good fine soil   I pd Ora $2 & he left about 9 am   Aggson & I leveled & fixt the graves in good Shape but left the load of manure til it rains & we can level the dirt some more   Geo Sigler came to the cemetery & we straightened the monuments to Joe Newlands & Chas Wilsons graves   Aggson & wife both took dinner here  She helpd Mother   this am I pd her 1,00 & him 1,50 by giving him a chk for $2,50   I got mail after dinner   it was late   I got 35c pork for dinner  recd a card from Mrs Shille r  after supper at 7-30 we went with C C Gardners to John Flemings   Mrs Rupe & Florilla Longwell also went   we had a nice Social Eve & calld at Dr Gardners in Lex   home at 10  a very warm Eve   I took John Carter basket gren Husks cobs

May 27, 1919

Tues 27   warm Hazy   good growing da   I hoed a row of beans & beets & raddishs & got the mail at Noon & 25c liver   I recd a Birth day card from Dave & a Shoe set brush & blacking complete for my 83 birth day gift  Dave rembers his parents better now than in his younger days & we appreciate his kindness   recd letter from John & Ellen asking us to visit them soon   John is very feeble   also letter from Leslie   he is busy as ever & has bot [bought] 106 acres of land at $83,25 an acre   good for Leslie   I cut some of my brush in the alley   Florilla Longwell & Sade T called to get tomato plants   Mrs P Ayers called   I helped Mother set tomatos and cabage   Flora Snider called & borrowed Extension ladder   Dalas Zimmerman called with a plant   good corn day

January 30, 1919

Thurs 30   very fine morning   we both feel good   I got my shoes   pd 18c  They feel better   breakfast at D Cafe 30c & sent cards of Hotel to Mrs Lindsey & Florilla Longwell & pm to Roy & to Nora   I went to Chamber of commerce & Registered in the Iowa book   Mr Palmer came PM with Nellie & we went with them for a Short ride as it lookd some like rain   we got out at our hotel   then I took a walk down East along the Beach   took supper at the Delmar Cafe 50c for the 2   read awhile on the sun parlor & to bed 8-30

October 21, 1918

Mon 21   Mother is sick   a Taylor girl helpd PM   pd her 40c   I got mail at noon   letter from Sylvia & Isabel   also one from Leslie & he is well   Sloans men started foundation for our monument   I went to cemetery with them we sent our trunk to Willard in Olathe [Kansas]   I drew $640,00 from Bank   400 draft 240 cash   Sold A Turnipseed hay in barn for $17   pay in 2 mos at Bank   Mrs Lindsey called to bid us good bye   also C C Gardner & wife & Sade Topping & Florilla Longwell   we lent her sewing machine  Albert [Longwell, Florilla’s son]   came for it   Frank Arthur shut off our water   I pd him 1,50  I gave treas[urer] M E Church chk for $50 for church & Benevolences