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February 2, 1922

Thursday February 2, 1921 [1922]  At Isabels in Pomona, California   fair & cool   We arose at 7   Isabel made us a nice fire in the grate & we had good pancakes for breakfast   I wrote to Ezra Bradford in the Soldiers Home Ioa [Iowa]    I have a bad feeling in the back of my Neck & head  Heavy frost & Cold this morn   Now at Noon in shade 53   after dinner Ralph & I went down town & rode all around  up one street & down another looking at houses & vacant  lots   Thinking some of buying   many properties for sale but they want too much money   we wound up by going south of the residence a mile or 2 to see Ralphs 20 acre farm   a very fine looking 20 acres & nice paved road runs almost to the land   I got Chamberlains tablets   I gave Marjorie 5-0 [50 cents]

November 2, 1920

Tues 2   Colder dark Cloudy   a little snow   I made a fire in the furnace & wrote to Ioa City Citizen   sent chek for 1,00 & to stop the paper   I paid Hicks boy 1,00 thru 26 Apr & the delivery has Not been Satisfactory  many papers missing   this carrier business is unsatisfactory to say the least   I went to the polls in Shraders Hotel at Noon & voted the straight Republican ticket   I think the Election wil be close   I am very much opposed to war but have little to no faith or confidence in a league of Nations to prevent war   I got mail  letters from Leslie & Ollie   saw Ezra Bradford down town & after dinner he called a little while & seemed all brok up & I deeply sympathize with him [1]   I saw Anderson Turnipseed & he will haul out my manure & plow our garden tomorrow.

[1] Ezra’s son, Lyman, left his wife and family.

April 18, 1919

Friday April 18 1919   heavy frost this morn   we are both reasonably well   tis Mothers 72 birth day & She is well preservd considering the large family she has raised & the work she has done & we have reason to be very thankful   I got shaved at Hulls 15c   I got red soap 10c   we are invited to our friends Mrs Smith Rupe & went at 11   E Bradford called & went with us & then we all went & got the mail   mother recd several Birth day cards & letter from Harriet   Charley Blumenstine & wife also at Rupes & we had a real good visit & Mrs R had prepared a most excellent dinner which we all enjoyd & we came home after 4 & Hod Wilson & wife came & Spent the Eve   we only had fire in the grate & were warm Enuf  we got the word thru Lavanda that Leslie will be Discharged from the Army tomorrow & be home soon & tis sure good News   we also look for Dave from St Paul & maybe Roy   we hope so

September 26, 1918

Thurs 26  A fine sunny calm da  light NE wind  I went over to Dr Wells & painted new plaster in places on the kitchen ceiling  I finishd cutting & sawing my second plum tree  I got sweet corn for dinner  I got mail at noon  letter from Harriet urges us to come & visit them soon  I made a fire in the grate this eve  I went to depot PM & enquired about rates & route for a trip to California via Kansas City & Grand Junction  we are contemplating this fall  Mrs Jessie Gardner calld this eve & got a porch box of flowers to keep this winter  Ellen Gardner brot Leslies Auto to put in my garage for this winter  I helpd her put it away & raised the wheels  I calld PM on Ezra Bradford  he is feeling quite poorly with a cold

September 6, 1918

Friday September 6th 1918    A very fine da   I went Early for the mail & engagd Kopock [possibly Frank Kopach] to come & mow our lawn   my back is yet lame   he came at 1 & mowed most of our lawn & Mother paid him 75c   Ezra Bradford calld & we went to [GAR] post   5 present & we had a good social time   this Eve Sam D. Guengerich called & brot My Parents Old family Bible   I had hired him to put a new back on & fix it generally   he put it in good shape   I pd him 3,50   I prize this bible more than money as my father bot it in Portsmouth Ohio about 1841 or 2 & it has seen rough usage   Had Wilson & wife calle & spent the eve   a good social visit

August 2, 1918

Fri 2  A fine warm sunny [day]   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos   I got 17 ears sweet corn for dinner & to dry   I went for the mail near noon  recd a card from Leslie   in Washington DC but not located   recd a letter from Mrs. Susan Morrow in S Dakota   wants me to help her get the 1c [probably first class] fare to the Natl encampment in Portland Oregon   I wrote to Newman A A G [Assistant Adjutant General]  & had E Bradford sign it as adjt & I sent Mrs Morrow a card   we had a post meet[ing]   only 4 present   Mrs. John Carter & her kids & mother called this eve   C Carter boy brot us 2 boxes strawberries 40c   Zimmerman pd rent for Aug