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September 26, 1918

Thurs 26  A fine sunny calm da  light NE wind  I went over to Dr Wells & painted new plaster in places on the kitchen ceiling  I finishd cutting & sawing my second plum tree  I got sweet corn for dinner  I got mail at noon  letter from Harriet urges us to come & visit them soon  I made a fire in the grate this eve  I went to depot PM & enquired about rates & route for a trip to California via Kansas City & Grand Junction  we are contemplating this fall  Mrs Jessie Gardner calld this eve & got a porch box of flowers to keep this winter  Ellen Gardner brot Leslies Auto to put in my garage for this winter  I helpd her put it away & raised the wheels  I calld PM on Ezra Bradford  he is feeling quite poorly with a cold


August 3, 1918

Saturday August 3rd 1918   A fine warm still day  I finishd digging potatos for this year & have 18 bu fine ones in the cellar  I got 17 to 20 ears sweet corn to cook & dry  I went for the mail near noon  Card from Leslie is located at Hospital in DC & we wrote to him & maild the letter this eve  Lavanda & Ellen calld this PM  I depos Zimmermans chk $15 & kept $5  I got 3 writing tablets & toilet paper at Wards  pd Bertha 50c  our forces are still driving the Germans & take Soissons[1] & many smaller towns  shaved 15c

[1] Soissons, an ancient town in France, was heavily bombed in the war; Wikipedia, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soissons

July 30, 1918

Tues 30   A very fine comfortable da   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos & mowed some lawn   I got a doz ears sweet corn for dinner   Willard came this morning from Keota & got Harriet & they went back to Keota to stay til eve   we recd a card from Leslie   has got as far as Chicago  drayman Liebe came & got Isabels trunk & box & took to the depot   I am to pay him 25c   Lavanda & Ellen called this eve & it is quite cool   it was 56 this morning at the well house   Ash read our light meter but not the stove   war news continue to favor the allies

July 29, 1918

Mon 29   A very fine clear da & cooler   Leslie & Lavanda came from Lex [Lexington] early & Leslie left about 8 am for Ioa City to  Washington DC according to orders   8 yrs ago in June 28 he left for Clermont to begin the practice of medicine & he has done well   I would not ask or expect him to do better but he gave it all up to serve his country   he goes as MD with rank of 1st Lieut & we will greatly miss him & be more anxious than ever for the war to cease   Lavanda & Ellen went with him to Ioa City   They came back 3 pm & Willard took Leslies car & went to Keota to stay with his mother to nite   I sent her 1 doz ears of nice sweet corn   I saved 2 ears for seed   I dug & put in the cellar 1 ½ bu potatos   Willard got John Carters auto & we went to the Taylor Cemetery & put a can of nice flowers on each of our 7 graves   I mowed the alley & other lawn

March 23, 1918

Sat 23  partly cloudy & cooler lt E wind  we arose at 6-30 & soon Ellen Gardner came with her auto & took Roy to Washington to go home & Clem Greig left middle AM to visit friends up west  I made a fire in the furnace & burned the many many flower boxes  our 3 girls Nora Harriet & Maude with Dave are having a good visit & with their Aunt Ellen  Mother is feeling more reconciled to day & was around the Kitchen some  I finishd spreading manure on my garden & I think all the time of my Dear Boy Vic & why oh why must he do this rash act  how lonely we will be & oh how he must have suffered while contemplating this sad ending of his bright & promising young life  a week ago this PM he clerkd a sale there in town & now lies cold in the Taylor Cemetery  farewell Dear Vic  Mrs Myrtle McReynolds & family sent us a fine boquet of hot house flowers

March 5, 1911

Sunday March 5th 1911  froze in the morning but moderated & dark & cloudy all day   we went to church & [Reverend] Hawk preached a long tedious Sermon on the prophet Elias   he even curtailed singing   he told the choir he wanted the time   Milo Smith called to hear our graphophone  Mother & Harriet went to Baptist Church  Lilian & Ellen Gardner here & Kept the graphophone busy. 


This graphophone may be similar in style to Isaac’s graphophone.  It was featured in a 1912 ad.[1]

[1] Example of a Columbia Grafonola in a 1912 Advertisement; photo in the public domain; https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Columbia_Grafonola_1912SAP_ad.jpg