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March 20, 1922

Mon 20   A very fine warm day   we arose at 7 not feeling well   I took my old Brown suit to the cleaners & a shirt 4 collars & 1 tie to laundry   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c   Neither of us wanted any   I bot a paper  we walkd to Ocean park & thru it & sat & rested   came back by the chamber of Commerce & rested   decided we Neither want dinner  Amos Hull & wife called PM & Brot mothers hand bag from Isabels   a card from Isabell   letter from Ellen B & Nora   also card from Harriet   Willard improves slowly   I am uneasy about Willard   I sent a card to Harriet   I bot 2 big apples & we ate 1   we took supper at the Advent 67c


September 21, 1920

Thursday September 21 1920   A very fine warm day & Our 55 anniversary of our wedding & we celebrated the day by going with Mr & Mrs Perry Ayers to our Co [County] Home to the annual picnic   we took our dinner   started at 9 AM & we Surely enjoyd the day   an interesting program was carried out   Rev Henry Millice pronounced an appropriate Invocation   then good Band music & Speaking & at Noon all enjoyd a picnic dinner with free good strong coffee with singing speaking reciting & a flying machine in the pm & Mr Beatty & his good wife deserve the sincere thanks of the whole Co for the good care & management they give to this public institution   Evrything has the best of care & the large Orchard excited the wonder & admiration of all   it was sprayed 4 times & every tree loaded with fine large healthy apples   no worms or other pests worked on these apples   all smoothe & Nice   we got home before sundown & we thank Mr & Mrs Ayers for giving us this very enjoyable day   we got mail at the PO as we came home   letters from Leslie Ellen & Mrs A L Palmer   Mother is sick since coming home   something don’t set with on her stomach

May 31, 1919

Saturday May 31st 1919   A very Nice warm growing day & a fine warm Shower at 4 Pm   Agison mowed my lawn & I pd his wife 75c   I got mail at Noon   Card from Dave in St Paul   the Germans are holding back   very reluctant to Sign the Peace Compact   perhaps they want more war & if they don’t sign soon theyl get it   I am feeling much better   I hoed some in my truck patch   Keith Adams cleaned & prest my grey pants & I pd him $1,00   when I lookd at the pants he had done them little or no good & I took them back & he reluctantly & grouchy said he would do them over   I got them again this eve & I don’t believe he touched them again   this is a fine eve for things to grow   I drew $5 from Bank this AM & $35,00 this eve   we are thinking of going to see John & Ellen soon

May 27, 1919

Tues 27   warm Hazy   good growing da   I hoed a row of beans & beets & raddishs & got the mail at Noon & 25c liver   I recd a Birth day card from Dave & a Shoe set brush & blacking complete for my 83 birth day gift  Dave rembers his parents better now than in his younger days & we appreciate his kindness   recd letter from John & Ellen asking us to visit them soon   John is very feeble   also letter from Leslie   he is busy as ever & has bot [bought] 106 acres of land at $83,25 an acre   good for Leslie   I cut some of my brush in the alley   Florilla Longwell & Sade T called to get tomato plants   Mrs P Ayers called   I helped Mother set tomatos and cabage   Flora Snider called & borrowed Extension ladder   Dalas Zimmerman called with a plant   good corn day

March 22, 1919

Saturday March 22 1919   Long Beach Del mar   We arose feeling well & took breakfst at Delmar 25c for 2   A fine warm Sunny morn but soon clouded & the later the cooler & clouder & this eve it looks rainy   we wrote to John & Ellen   I took a walk to the pier & got a paper 3c   Mr Palmer Calld AM   we took dinner at ywca 66c for 2  PM   Warren & 3 children & Mrs Boyd came   we went down on the pike & I got the children p nuts & pop corn   I got cold and came to our room   we took supper at Delmar   pd 30c for both   I sat in the mens room & read awhile & then talked with the janitor & proprietor awhile

February 1, 1919

Sat feb 1st & rainy dark & gloomy   we had breakfast at Delmar Cafe 25c for both   we wrote to John & Ellen   Mother wrote to Lavanda   I have headache & feel poorly all day   took dinner at ymca  pd 61c both & went to a store & bot a skirt for Nellie & stockings for Margaret   pd 1,15   read awhile in Minnesota book   bot LA paper 3c   Mother & I walkd to Chamber Commerce & look over the Iowa register [1]  found Mr & Mrs Rupe reg [registered] 2 yrs ago & Vern & Geneva Sigler reg last summer   we took supper at Delmar Cafe  30c for 2   to bed at 8-30   have heat & we need it   we sat in the Sun parlor awhile but too cold

[1] In addition to visiting his children out West, Isaac was in California for a reunion of Civil War soldiers that was held every year and sponsored by the Grand Army of the Republic.

January 16, 1919

Thursday January 16 1919   At Noras  Lodi Cal   damp Cloudy & light rain at times   we recd a letter from Ellen & John   good sleding & cold in Iowa & Flu about gone   date 12 inst   I wrote to E I Coffey [editor, Wellman Advance] that I will take $70 for my 20 a [acre] pasture from 1 of May to first dec 1919 for pasturage only   he to keep up fence   I furnished a needed new material at my home in Wellman & I reserve the priveleg of going in to cut holes or wood any time & to send Adv [Advance] to Long Beach Cal   I also wrote to Hawkeye to send paper to Long Beach 3153 E 4 st   A Mr Ruff & wife called & spent the evening   Sociable pleasant folks   he has plaining mill   38 states have ratified the prohibition amdtmt to constitution  the wets[1] are trying to hold it up in California by the initiative & referendum

[1] The Wets Plank opposed Prohibition