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October 16, 1920

Sat 16   A fine cool morning   I carried 5 pails water to scrub front porch   I don’t feel well   Wellman has 875 people & with Lime Creek TP [Township] 2075 & in 1910 we had 2032   I fixt some trap triggers & got mail at Noon   Card from Dave   I got $34 intrest on Bonds & depos it   Fred K gave me a letter from Maude   I wrote to Lincoln Woolen Mills Co dpt 554-208-214 Chicago & I maild the letter this eve & aftr dark C Rowe wife & 2 kids came & Staid an hour   they brot us a gal sweet cider & a qt New Sorgum   they are nice clever people   I bot a nice 4 lb chicken of Zelmers  pd 80c


July 30, 1920

Fri 30   A warm sunny day   I got 17 ears sweet corn & our first ripe tomatos for dinner   I went over to Rupes & he will go to Goodwins for Blk berries   Jap & I Split some wood & I carried some down   Rupe brot us 2 boxes blkberries & I pd him 40c   we got mail at Noon   letter from Dave & I got good beef steak 60c  loaf bread 15c bonami 10c soda 10c   this pm thermometer reg 93 in wellhouse   Sylvia washd & irond 3 ties for me   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont

December 28, 1919

Sun 28 Dark Cloudy damp mist we arose late & had biscuits for breakfst Harriet Willard & Paul went to SS [Sunday School] & I washed my feet & put on clean clothes & at 11 we all went to church & Willard preachd a good sermon on Eternity then Dave went with Harriet & W to a short funeral service & mother Roy Paul & I came home we had dinner at 1-30 & at 3-PM Roy & I went with Willard to the GAR Hall to memorial services for GAR & WRC who died the past year & Willard made an address I met many Comrades & WRC

December 27, 1919

Saturday December 27 1919 At Harriets in Olathe Moderate & short spells of Sunshine we arose late & all feeling well I went down & got Shaved 20c & a pr of suspenders 75c got $10 changd Dave & Roy went with Willard to KC I gave Paul 2 Nickls the boys came back Near dark & we had Oysters for Supper & it misted & Sprinkled rain all the eve & we are having a good social visit & we ate some good Delicious apples

December 26, 1919

Fri 26  A fine moderate Sunny day we arose late & had breakfst at 9  the first we have seen the Sun for one week  we are all feeling good & wrote to Leslie  the boys went with Willard down town  I pd Willard 1,50 to pay for cleaning my Brown Clothes  Mother & Harriet Called on Mrs. Woodberry PM  I ate no Supper this eve  I wrote & sent a card to James Aggson in Wellman  Dave gave me this lead pencil

December 25, 1919

Thursday December 25th 1919 Christmas at Harriets Another dark cloudy dismal day & I am allowed the blest priveleg of spending another Christmas day with my Children Harriet & Willard Mother Dave Roy & Paul & we are sure having a merry Christmas & recd letters & cards from Florilla Longwell Sylvia Jap & Lois  card from Woodberries Hattie Darbyshire our Harriet is most sick & Willard & mother cookd the turkey & we had a most Splendid dinner which we all enjoyd & Harriet ate some & seems better & we all got many presents  I gave Each a $5 bill to Mother Harriet Willard Dave Roy & Paul one $  I got from Leslie an Electric warm pad & Hdkf from baby Lavanda  from Jap & Sylvia a Book & Hdkfs from  Dave a fir hat? & Hdkfs from Harriet & Willard  a very nice pr of grey dress Kid gloves  after dinner we visited & ate some apples in the eve & none wanted Supper  Mother & I went to bed after 9 Willard Dave & Roy visited til 10-30 or more

December 13, 1919

Sat 13  4 above zero & rising temperature  the Sun shines & all News regarding the mining of coal seem favorable & the prospects for trains & other business being normal soon is good  we recd a letter from Dave in St Paul  had been 20 deg below zero  Mrs Sheppard left at 9-30  Willard took her to the train for Independence Kansas  I am not feeling well