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August 20, 1919

Wednesday August 20th 1919   looked much like rain most of the am but only Sprinkled   Mary T Bradford calld   mother cookd a Squash   our first  Mrs Aggson called fitting a dress   I got late mail at Noon  no letters   I workd some at my logs for wood in the alley   Kelly Stopt & talkd awhile  Pm we went to Chautaugua   A very poor part 6 or 7   girls fiddled & screamed & acted fools   an air ship & lecture promised to day but failed to come  it seems the Chau[taugua] Company[1] can fail on the program at will & a long suffering public has no redress but if I try to buy a ticket & am short a nickle I get no ticket   all one sided   it only lasted a little over an hour but twas plenty long Enuf   I saw John Romine 2 pm of GAR about sending our post per capita tax   I got our laundry from Carrie A & pd her 1,25   I greased my heavy shoes & hung them in the well house   I shaved

[1] The University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections: Traveling Culture: Circuit Chautaugua in the Twentieth Century, http://www.lib.uiowa.edu/sc/tc/


June 2, 1919

Mon 2   dark & cloudy & rainy   very damp   It rained Steady last nite & roads are very muddy & Evrything wet all da   I got mail at Noon   letter from Dave in St Paul   I filled Rupes ink bottle for him   Dewey the Baptist Preacher came & ground his Scythe   I chopt a little stove wood at my brush pile   I took our clothes to Carrie Ash 

May 26, 1919

Monday May 26 1919   A warm Hazy growing day   partly clear   I took over washing to Carrie Ash  [James] Ageson  helpd me trim my hard maples here & at Dr Wells & we piled the brush in the alley & I pd him 50c   good job   I have a lame back & cant do much   I hoed 5 rows potatos   I have them all hoed & raked once   I got mail at Noon   letter from Samson in Cal   I hoed a row of beans   Mother gave Rupe tomato plants

October 14, 1918

Mon 14   An extra fine da   frost this morn   I arose a little early & fed & milkd my cow for the last time & I never milkd a gentler cow   some after 10 am John Fleming & son Everet [came]   I rode in auto with them to my pasture   I put a good halter on my cow & sold her to John Fleming for $100, & he gave me a check which I had put to my acct   I got mail at noon   rec a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well & very busy  much influenza in the hospital in camps & City   Lavanda & baby are in Clermont   I took plants to Florilla Longwell & went down & maild 5 letters to Roy Maude Nora Sloan in SE & B Reece Jones Secy insurance Desmoines [1]   boy brot 2 boxes strawberries & Florilla Longwell pd for them   I took laundry to Carrie   I went [to] Mrs Crossets this eve & pd her 1,50 for boys taking cow up to 17th

[1] Rees B. Jones, Secretary, Fire Insurance Company, Des Moines, (Source Citation – Ancestry.com, Year: 1920; Census Place: Des Moines Ward 1, Polk, Iowa; Roll: T625-507; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 86; Image: 1011)

October 3, 1918

Thursday 3   A very fine day   lt SE air   I got sweet corn for dinner & husks & hard corn for the cow   I dug up mothers dahlias   I got our laundry at Ashs & pd Carrie A 1,25   Sade Topping called for milk & being lame in her arms I carried the milk to Florilla Longwell   I got mail at noon   letter from Isabel, Colo [Colorado] & card from Montgomery ward   cant send trunk for 10 days   I wrote them sent card back & if they are absolutely sure of sending trunk by 15 inst to send it   if not to send my money back $13,48c   I lookd at a trunk Mrs Ruby has for sale $6   I got rendering plant chk cashd $1,00   I raked & burnd all brush at Wanrus   he has returned & wants to live in my house as long as I will let him so he said   I left Bank book to be balanced

September 27, 1918

Fri 27  A very fine day   lt SW wind   I got our laundry from Ash’s & pd Carrie 1,25   I cut a dead apple tree at Shillers & trimmed some & made stove wood   I got the mail at noon   letter from Dave   wants us to visit him in St Paul   Mother is disposing her flowers to Mrs Jessie Gardner & Mrs Crosset   I went down town PM & loafed awhile   got hair dressing at Wards & [Henry] Curl measured me for a suit of gray clothes hat tie & suspenders $50

August 1, 1918

Thurs Aug 1st   A fine pleasant day  partly cldy   I got our laundry from Carrie A & pd her 1,25   I hired E C Goodwin to take Nellie & kid & W & Harriet to Washington this morning & they will go to Olathe, Kansas  Harriets home this eve   I got Crackers Oranges for some lunch & gave Nellie $65,00 & Harriet $25,00   Nellie looks bad & is weak   we are uneasy about her   I got 2 suits underwear & cuff at K Bakers chk 3,00   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos   Mother & I are alone again   the first since last spring   Mrs. Ruby called this eve   our army in France & the Huns are about at a standstill after 2 weeks fighting   many reported Killed but nothing decisive   we fumigated & disinfected the N [north] room up stairs where Nellie has slept the last 6 wks with formaldehyde starch for 7 hours   Dr Wells advised this as did Leslie for fear of Tuberculosis germs