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September 21, 1922

Thursday September 21st 1922   A fine warm Sunny morn   we arose aftr 7   Both well & this is the 57th anniversary of our Marriage & we are truly thankful for the many Blessings that have come to us in our long & happy weded life & chief among all our blessing is good health & the big family of good capable children we have raised   how often in the long years past I have been proud of my 6 good girls  Now only 5 are left   C C Gardners asked us to go with them to the Lexington yearly home coming & we are glad to go & had a very Nice ride & arrived at Lex 11-30 & met comrades & old friends   I pd for 4 dinner tickets 1,60 &   we enjoyed a most excellent dinner in the Basement of the Church & many handsome healthy smiling farmer women waited table & Kindly seen to it that each & all were fully fed   after dinner I calld at the Dr Gardiner home close by & wrote a letter to J Z Benson asst adgt genl [Assistant Adjudant General] gar Des moines for 6 identification papers for different gar & wrc   an auction was held   a Mr McNurlen of Keota sold Squashes mellon apples  all good prices & went to the Lex Church home by J Flemings & Called at their fine farm home   her Sight is failing & she is growing feeble  Gardner & I went to Depot & I telegrapht to J Z Benson Des moines for the papers & I didn’t send the letter  I pd 35c for message  Mother made 14 qts of grape juice yesterday

November 8, 1920

Mon 8   dark cloudy & drizzly   I made a fire in the furnace   I went down town a little early & got my bank book at the Bank   the bal [balance] was $673,00   I calld at Gardner & Hambright’s   then calld at Eardly Bells office & got the abstract   Bell said it was a safe abstract to make a loan on   I got mail at Noon   letters from Isabel Sylvia & Harriet   the girls seem anxious for us to come to Calif but they each one seem likely to have as much company this winter as they ought to have   I would much rather go to Calif & visit our girls but don’t want to impose on them   PM Mrs England called & we with C C Gardner went to the Depot & Sent for Reservations to Jacksonville Florida the 7 Dec   Mrs England is very anxious to go somewhere no matter where   it has misted & drizzled all day & Now 6,45 tis slowly raining

November 7, 1920

Sunday November 7 1920   dark Cloudy & dismal   we arose at 7 & I made a fire in the furnace tho it is not cold   I shaved & we went to church AM & heard a fair sermon & had dinner in the dining room at one PM & Mrs Sade Topping called an hour or 2 & borrowed 2 books   in the eve C C Gardner & wife & Florence Baker called & we talked about going to Florida   Gardner forgot his rain coat & I took it over to him

October 15, 1920

Friday October 15 1920   Partly cloudy & warm   cooler towards eve  raind several times last Nite but not much water fell   I workd around the barn a while Sweeping Sawing & pounding   I got mail at Noon   No letters  I got bacon 25c   PM we wrote to Leslie in Clermont & I maild the letter  also one to Isabel in Pomona Calif & mother took fruit juice to the church to make frappa [1] for to nite   after Supper Mother & I went to ME church to a reception & get acquaintd meet for our New Pastor Rev Moore & wife & the Wellman teachrs   a goodly crowd present   the opening address by C C Gardner folowd by disgusting singing Howling or barking   some fair recitations & in a few remarks Rev Moore thankd some body for the meet  a huge bowl of frapa was in evidence & all had plenty   I took 1 small glass   I don’t believe in nor favor drinking such Stuf   home at 10   I gave C C Gardner a chk for $45 for Pastor salery & will give $20 more Next spring if not prevented

[1] Dictionary.com describes one definition of frappé as a fruit juice mixture frozen to a mush, to be served as a dessert, appetizer, or relish.

October 13, 1920

Wednesday October 13 1920   warm & dry   S wind   it thunderd & Sprinkled rain a little last nite   Sun rose brite & clear & Staid so   I got mail at Noon   No letters & Main St was very very dry & dusty   I never saw it more dusty   I got hamburg steak 25c   Pm mother went with C C Gardners to Pierces to a LAS [perhaps Ladies Auxiliary Society?] & she heard that Lyman Bradford town marshal & JP & our Nephew my Sisters Boy had left town   left his family under a cloud   oh the evils of Beer whiskey & women   while mother was gone I lookd over old letters & old pictures of long ago   I went to Snidr creamry & got cream   pd 1,00 & I churnd twice 15 min each time & got a fine mess of butter but quite warm   Mrs Marner Brot us some fine apples & pears & mother took her some butter milk

August 11, 1919

Mon 11   Dark cldy rain a little & all cleared   we arose late   I dug half bu potatos & it began to rain   I helpd Mother shell beans & it soon stopt raining & I dug 2 rows potatos & done up a quilt to send to Nora   got mail at Noon   no letters   I got 2 Chautaugua tickets of Gardner & gave chk 4,40   Mrs Aggson took dinner with us

July 27, 1919

Sun 27   Hot & dry   90 at the well house at Noon   We went to Church am   a fairly good attendance for hot weather   had Election for delegates to Conference   I voted for C C Gardner 1st   Sam Huntsburger 2nd   we sat around trying to keep cool   I took a nap  something very unusual for me & the PM seemed long  it clouded & was cooler at sundown   it looked a little like rain this Eve & I sowed my turnips   only one pint of milk a day  this the first Sunday