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May 28, 1920

Friday May 28, 1920  At Ollies [1]  Dark cloudy  looks like rain  My 84 birth day & I begin to feel much like an old man   have Neither strength nor activity   my lame back is some better  am taking Harlern oil tablets  they help   my general health is fair   my hand is trembly & I can hardly write with a pen but get along fairly with a pencil   we arose rather early as Alma Izor is going away   Virl took her to Minburn  I went along & tried to find a way to get from here to Guthrie Center to see Capt Lemon but I got no satisfaction   we are visiting with Ollie & she does all she can to entertain us & she is sure a wonder to manage

[1]  Olive Taylor Carris is the widow of Albert Carris who died in 1918.  Olive is the daughter of Benjamin Holden Taylor and Laura C. Izor, Margaret Taylor Carr’s brother and sister-in-law.

March 22, 1918

Friday March 22 1918  Cooler dark cloudy  the funeral day of my beloved boy Vic  his last day in his home  our children are all here Except 3  Sylvia Isabel & Nellie  we dont know why they dont come  Many many friends & Nabors assembled to attend the funeral  the boys got 41 chairs from the Baptist church  Mother & I went up stairs with all our relatives & our house big as it is & the porch was full & 32 families sent flowers  I never saw as many flowers at a funeral  Dutton & several Nabors lent their auto  the roads were fine & we buried Dear Vic in the old Taylor Cemetery with our little boy Ezra [1] & father & Mother Taylor Holden & Laura  Many Many friends went to the cemetery  the largest crowd I ever saw in that cemetery  Rev Barker preached a short sermon in our home & with heavy hearts we left our Vic boy & came back home & Willard left for home  the rest stay with us to nite  Clem Greig a friend of Vic is with us to nite  we gave Roy all Vics clothes a big box full & his watch & other trinkets  I put our auto in our own garage

September 21, 1915
              September 21, 1915


[1] Ezra Delos Carr died on his 5th birthday, January 17, 1879.

August 22, 1916

Tues 22  Cooler  a very pleasant morning  NW wind  I carried some chairs from the Baptist church for our use  Mr Shiller called to pay his respects & offered us his auto for the day  C C Gardner took the pallbearers in his 7 seater & would take no pay  at 10 AM Rev A M Smith preached a very good sermon at our home & the house & porch well filled & some on the yard  several came here to dinner  Mrs Lindsey & Ura Taylor came & worked till 2 pm & I pd them each one dollar  Ollie & Herve & Verl went away after dinner & I went down town & Settled with Editor Coffey for 100 obituaries & settled with Bidwell a wreath  check $5,00 & now Holden is laid to rest & he has had a life of trouble & misery  May his soul rest in peace

August 21, 1916

Monday Aug 21 Wrote second time to Hagerman in Liberal Kas [Kansas] another warm dry day  I got a good bit of Sweet corn for dinner & tied 12 bundles fodder & carried to the barn yard  I went down town with Marjorie & sent up crackers cheese & lemons, &c & then went to the Taylor Cemetery with undertaker Bidwell to locate a grave for Holden  Shortly aftr we got back Ollie & Brother Taylor, Carris Eldridge & John Carris came & soon after Virl & his father came with the body & we set the casket containing all that is left of Brother Holden  Carris soon went back to Keota  Virl & his father went back to Keota aftr dinner  PM Add [Addison Taylor] & I went down town  I got 85c ground steak for beef loaf  Many came & paid their respects thru the day & Eve  Several offered to set up for watch thru the Night but we thanked them & felt as tho we would rather all go to bed & turn out the lights & all be quiet  undertaker Bidwell brought the flowers  we got a fine wreath  a fine bunch of cut flowers  also Rach Hulls  Vic pitched the 12 bundles of fodder in the barn & I mowed thorns away  W A Taylor came & worked this Mon

August 20, 1916

Sun 20  Another hot dry day & I was called to Lewis phone this morning by Herve Carris telling B H Taylor died last nite or this morning & will start with the body Mon morning & be here Mon nite & I have made all arrangements to that effect & now Eve at 9-15 Ollie phones from Keota that Herve is bringing the body in his auto & will be here yet to nite   about 10-30  we got another phone from Keota enquiring if the auto carrying the body had arrived & near Eleven got word that the body of Brother Hold had arrived in Keota & will Stay there to nite

August 19, 1916

Isaac and Margaret had travel plans, but canceled them due to Margaret’s brother, Holden, being ill.  It is likely that they had planned to attend the National Grand Army of the Republic Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri from August 28th to September 2nd.  Being the 50th anniversary, it was probably important to Isaac because he kept the brochure. 

Sat 19  warm & dry  a hot sun  I got the hose from the barn & attached it & helpt Mrs Lindsey scrub the porch  I got Sweet corn for dinner & I hoed all over my late sweet corn  Roy & Adams here & around all day  we recd a letter from Ollie T Carris that Holden her father is laying sick  very low  liable to leave this world any time  we had thot of going away mon [Monday] now we give our trip up for the present  I got 4 Ears of Sweet corn for Roy to take home  I got loaf bread 10c this Eve & a watermelon 45c  Vic brot Isabel & Marjorie from Rachs this Eve

Program cover for GAR Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri
Program cover for GAR Encampment in Kansas City, Missouri

September 28, 1915

Tues 28  Cloudy slightly warmer damp  I arose a little early & made a good fire in the grate & got the screen from the garret  also shovel tongs &c  aftr breakfast we all went to the depot with John & Eln [Ellen] Holden & Ad & saw them off for home  then mother Nora Harriet & Isabel went to visit the Weller girls  I staid at home  put a string on my fiddle & played awhile  at noon I ate alone & I trapt 3 little blk chicks been here for weeks  I pict & cleaned them  I wrote to L S Palmer & to G Hagerman  I made 2 fires  I mowed some lawn  Bank meeting