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July 4, 1919

Friday July 4th 1919   Mostly cloudy   we arose a little early as I am Chmn of the decoration Committe & Wellman celebrates to day   I got Nails wire pincers & hammer   I put out 3 flags at home & took flowers to Mrs C C Gardner to help make a boquet to dek the Speakers stand   I went to the park & 2 Ash boys & Mrs Clark Brown & Mrs C C Gardner helpd with decorations & we got a good job done   put lots of flags on trees & drest the Speakers stand in flags & Bunting   had a horse & pony show on Main St   it was real good   have 2 Bands   a brass Band & fife & drum   the GAR were to ride in autos in the right of the procession to the park but no autos were for GAR tho there were thousands of them all around & the GAR were ordered or requested [to] fall in between the 2 bands & march to the park but we didn’t march   Neither did the Spanish war Soldiers Nor the world war soldiers   Fred K & I went to PO & got our mail & I came home to dinner   Geo Sigler put his horse in my barn for the day   it thundered & lookd so much like that Mother & I who had gone to the park aftr dinner came home & it failed to rain for a while but about 3-30 it lookd more like rain & I took my pincers & went to the park & commencd taking down flags   Seth Carris Jr came along & I had a talk with him & it raind slow & Easy   C C Gardner & Hambright came & helpd me & we took down all the flags & bunting & left them at Gardners & Hambrights lumber office   it is all mussed & quite damp   I came home to Supper & sat on the porch while it rained just about right & we needed it all & the atmosphere is cleared & cooler   this is sure the least interesting of any 4 of July I remember   the main speaker a violent wildly gesticulating Irishman was of little intrest to me   he worked entirely too hard   I met several old time friends & was glad to meet them   the threatening Showers this Pm put a damper on all the drill proceedings that needed no damper   there were no balloon ascensions as advertised & except visiting with old friends all was dull & uninteresting   in the am hot & very dusty & PM showers


July 30, 1918

Tues 30   A very fine comfortable da   I dug & put in the cellar 2 bu potatos & mowed some lawn   I got a doz ears sweet corn for dinner   Willard came this morning from Keota & got Harriet & they went back to Keota to stay til eve   we recd a card from Leslie   has got as far as Chicago  drayman Liebe came & got Isabels trunk & box & took to the depot   I am to pay him 25c   Lavanda & Ellen called this eve & it is quite cool   it was 56 this morning at the well house   Ash read our light meter but not the stove   war news continue to favor the allies