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February 28, 1911

Tuesday feb 28  A nice Sunny drying day  I was down & got meat for dinner hamburg steak 25c  I paid Loren Bidwell $6,25c for wreath of flowers for Cora[1]  I sorted over a wood box of potatos & have 3 bbls yet to Sort  I got 25c apples & 25c oranges

[1] LeRoy Holden Carr’s wife, Cora, died on February 12, 1900


March 31, 1907

Sunday Mar 31 & Easter Sunday  a very fine sunny Cool day & we had a big Easter dinner as of old  only Joe & Maria Farley were not here  Bell Maude & Nellie & their husbands & Roy & Cora & Mr & Mrs Joe England & Zunie Hofert  Roys girl & Cecil Steminger Bells girl & we had a good dinner & a good visit  we went to Church AM & Eve & had Easter Services  our girls & Vic sang in the Choir  Mr John Yoder died this PM at his home in town  Leslie has the mumps & no mistake  he don’t Suffer much but don’t move around any more than he has to  had a fire in the furnace all day

March 13, 1907

Wednesday March 13th 1907  dark cloudy damp dismal drizzly  Some snow but melted when I first arose at 6-30  Cora C [Carr] phoned us that her father Joe England had Suffered during the past night a Stroke of apoplexy or paralysis or both after breakfast   we both went over & found Joe bad Enough  I staid til noon  Amanda called & Sent Keys to the PO & Ezra is not able to go to the office to day

February 9, 1907

Sat feb 9  Another fine day & the Snow went   Leslie Clerked for Shiller & I am Chore boy & all hands  I Split some Stove & grate wood  I drew $10 from the bank & paid our hired girl Zunie[1] $9 & She will quit for a while  Mrs. Joe England & Cora Carr called PM  I wrote & mailed a letter to Strong pension Atty in Washington DC & filled out blank for Extra Service pension  the McCumber bill[2] which passed the house this week & recd the Presidents Signature  I also wrote Commissioner of Pensions for a blank to use in getting pension by the same ruling  I was down to Roys barn a little while this PM  I bought 2 tickets to the first play in new opera feb 20  gave chk $2

[1] Probably Zunie Hoefort found in the 1900 U. S. Federal Census, English River, Washington County, Iowa, age 12

[2]  McCumber, Porter J. Remarks of Porter J. McCumber, Chairman of the Committee on Pensions…; WorldCat.org, http://tinyurl.com/zxev2km

Letter to the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C.
Letter to the Commissioner of Pensions, Washington, D. C.

October 20, 1905

Friday Oct 20  Cool & mostly Cloudy all day  we all went by invitation to the old home at Roys for a Call reunion & we had a grand good time  Cora had her house looking & furnished fine & a Most Splendid dinner  the Artist Mooney came out & took our pictures in Several ways  I got a bu of apples in the old orchard & we came home Early as Nora & Allie left on the Eve train for Iowa City & to Anita  Bessie Brewer went with Harriet & Willard to Keota & home  Sylvia & Jap also went to Keota & home to Desmoines

December 25, 1903

Friday Dec 25  Christmas  Stormy blow from S & turned to NW & Colder all day  Cora & kids came with Frank Florang  Roy is not well  we arose about 6-30 & the boys were astir & found many presents  Mother  Silver teaspoons rocking chair dishes & many things  I got hdkfs & ties & hdkf box  the girls got Slippers bread box bonbons laces ribbons boxes & fine things & Candy  we sent old Comrade Hastings a mince pie & buns & Holdens ½ bu nice apples & 1 bu potatos  Bell Maude Ralf & Otto here also  Holden & Laura & Frank Florang  in the Eve Otto took Vic to Chester to go to Des moines to visit Sylvia a week  I gave him $8 & he had $4  they will have a cold trip

December 22, 1903

Tues Dec 22  A fine day  turned the horses in the pasture  Mother is still getting better  yesterday Roy & Cora here for dinner & Roy paid me $50,00 on Corn & I deposited $30,00 in the Bank & we bought some presents  I Sent 3 boxes of presents to Mt Pleasant to Harriet & to Des Moines to Sylvia  1 to Anita [Iowa] to Nora  Frank brought 2 loads of wood & was here for dinner