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February 4, 1923

Sunday February 4 1923   I arose at 11 feeling very Poorly   Roy came & helpd me put on clean unders   Mother washd me face & feet   I had a long talk with mother how I want things fixt when I am gone & I feel I am going evry day   Dave came with Ralphs from Church   Warren P called   Dave & Row [may have meant Ruth, Dave’s wife] were here most of the Pm & I layd down & aftr 6 I ate a little soup   Amos & wife here til after 8

February 2, 1923

Fri 2   Cold bright & Sunny   I arose Near Eleven feeling very poorly   Max S called & gave Ralph a check on the American Bank & he brot me 35,00   I gave Isabel 15,00   I laid down awhile after dinner   Dave came awhile & aftr supper he & Roy came & stayed the eve   also Amos Hull & wife Ruth & others calld while I was laying down   I wrote to L E Wilkins of Belknap Iowa about $1100,00 intrest due Mar of Inst [instant] next

March 20, 1922

Mon 20   A very fine warm day   we arose at 7 not feeling well   I took my old Brown suit to the cleaners & a shirt 4 collars & 1 tie to laundry   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c   Neither of us wanted any   I bot a paper  we walkd to Ocean park & thru it & sat & rested   came back by the chamber of Commerce & rested   decided we Neither want dinner  Amos Hull & wife called PM & Brot mothers hand bag from Isabels   a card from Isabell   letter from Ellen B & Nora   also card from Harriet   Willard improves slowly   I am uneasy about Willard   I sent a card to Harriet   I bot 2 big apples & we ate 1   we took supper at the Advent 67c

June 28, 1918

Fri 28  Warm & mostly clear   I tied up some grape vines & made another Cat hole in the barn house stable floor & now I think the cats can get under the barn all round   we all 4 wrote to Leslie in Clermont   Ralf got the mail by going the second time   him & Isabel are at Amos H for the nite I went to PO & maild 3 letters this PM & got 2 lb sugar 20c & salt 10c & mowed some lawn   Sylvia & her girls came from Keota this eve   I hoed a row of Navy beans

June 7, 1918

Isaac writes a short statement about how the war in France is going.

Fri 7 A fine temperate clear dry da  Our Strawberries are doing fine Isabel & Marjorie were all day at Amos Hulls   we wrote to Leslie   so did Sylvia & Leila   I hoed my late sweet corn & some in the barn garden but tis mostly too wet to hoe   mail was 2 or 3 hours late  here at 1-15 PM & Eve [evening] came at 9  our Soldiers in France are holding the germans level about now & I am very glad to know  it we went up to Ezras this eve & visited with him saw his well cultivated garden & Leila played his Victrola & we enjoyed the eve til 10 oclock & found Isabel & Marjorie home in bed   I finished piling manure

May 29, 1918

Wed 29 Warm & rain a little AM sunny PM   It rained much last nite & Evrything is wet wet   I piled some manure   I got the mail at noon & bot 2 boxs strawberries pd 50c   I got hair cut & shave by Amos Hull   it cost 50c Isabel & Marjorie take supper at Amos Hulls   I went down town aftr dinner & got cheese 25c & crackers 25c 1 box strawberries 25c   I finished mowing all my lawn & it looks well   Mrs Turnipseed Pres WRC calld to talk over Decoration program & concluded to decorate Wellman Cemetery instead of Wassonville as has allways been the custom   I recd a large box containing a flag & flowers from the Elk lodge for the grave of our dear boy Vic   god bless his memory

March 19, 1918

Tues 19  A warm nice summer like da  Roy came from Washington at 3 this morn & went to bed  Effie Hull brot Willard & Harriet & Mrs Deyoe from Washington  A sorrowful home coming  many nabor women came & helpd  Florilla Longwell came & looked after churning butter  Willard Harriet Roy Leslie & I went to Bidwells & chose a casket  Walnut $235 & a metallic case $75 & Roy got Rupes car & took Willard & his mother to Keota & went to Washington & Brot Ellen Brewer  Came at 7 & I ate Supper with them  many came in this eve  about 3 pm  Bidwell & others with auto Hearse brot Vic  my allways pleasant Boy Vic & we laid him in the tower corner of the parlor & Barker Brown sent nice flowers   Amos Hull & Ora Star stay with us to nite

September 3, 1913

I found copies of GAR records for three of Isaac’s comrades in arms who were also Isaac’s life-long friends.  I thought I would add their GAR card files at this time.  Thomas McReynolds’ card includes his date of death – September 3, 1913.   Jesse Longwell died on August 15, 1909.

These, and more, GAR card files can be found at http://www.FamilySearch.org –  database “Iowa, Grand Army of the Republic Membership Records, 1861-1949”





January 1, 1909

Friday January 1st 1909  Quite Cold in the morning but a fine day  I took a dizzy Spell & felt very poorly til near 11 am then I dressed in my gar blue which Leslie had pressed & brushed  Mother & Nellie went to gar Hall about 10 am  I went near noon  Post & WRC hold joint installation & we had a grand good time  I was installed Commander of the post & mad[e] a short talk to the post & thanked the WRC  the ladies Service was very impressive & I Enjoyed it  after the meeting I called on Comrade Hastings  I found him quite poorly living alone  the women Sent him a good dinner  they also sent dinners to Longwell & wife Amos Hull & wife  the past year has been a grand good year & prosperous 

Crops good Except oats were mostly light but from 40 to 45c bu  I had 120 bu & Sold them for 44c  Corn best I have had in 10 yrs  My Share 800 bu (Isaac wrote “guess” above the 800 bushels) worth at least 50c bu  I raised 1 big load of Corn 35 bu good & very few Squashes & punkins on my pasture & I raised 75 bu potatos at digging time  I have 3 bu clover seed & hay  Enough to do me  Mel Whetstine farms my place & pd me $25 for Stalk pasture & clover hay 

My Health has been good til lately  I have dizzy Spells  am taking medicine from Dr. Wells  I have $2700,00 at 6% & $4500,00 in bank  none in pocket  $14120,00 yet on my farm  plenty of wood for more than a yr 

Mother & I made a trip to Shiloh in Apr & another to Oskaloosa this fall  Leslie in School at Ioa City  Vic Still in the bank

December 25, 1907

Wednesday December 25th  Christmas & a nice mostly clear day  we all went by invitation to Bells to a fine Extra Christmas turkey dinner  Rach Hull  Mary Alfred  Amos & Effie 5 Mother & I  7  Vic Leslie 9 Maude Otto & Carrol [Klockenteger] 12  Holden Dave & Add 15 & an Extra fine table was set & Bells house was neat as a house could be  She had a tree for the kids  I gave Arden & Lillian [children of LeRoy & Cora Carr] Each $1 & took my overcoat pockets full of candy