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May 30, 1921

May 30   Decoration day & real warm   Clear & Sunny til 3 pm   we arose Early & at 7 went in Roys auto to the Taylor cemetery & mowed the graves & put a can of Nice flowers in water on each of the 9 graves & the whole never lookd better & very Neat   we went to Wellman cemetery & put wreath & flowers on My Sister Amandas grave   also on Coras   Stopt at Eardly Bell & he made a mortgage & Note for $5000,00 which Roy gives me   I lend him that amt of money at 6% for 5 yrs   we got mail at noon & I recd card & pkg  birthday from Nora   a Nice handy pencil & bright pretty metal box  Colgates perfumed Shaving Soap   Mr & Mrs Rupe & Geneva called & at 8 in eve Mother & I went to a class play at the opera house   it was fairly good & we enjoyd the eve & got home at 10-30

October 10, 1917

In the following journal entry, Isaac reminisces about his youth when his parents, and siblings lived for a short time in a primitive Washington County, Iowa in 1844.  After Isaac’s sister, Amanda, was born, the family moved back to Scioto County, Ohio, where they had come from.  Isaac’s compares the value of a steer to the cost of his automobile and ponders the future.

Wed 10  Cloudy Cold NW air  After breakfast I took my wheel barrow & 2 small gunney sax & went to Darnells & got 2 box oats 65 cents bu  I pd J. Lindsey 1,30  I went down town at eleven  recd a letter from mother  She wil start home Thurs morn  Also a letter from Sylvia & Isabel & I was glad to get it  I took a cup of coffee & hamburg sandwich at Lewis 15 cents  I came home aftr 3 & got ready & vic came with auto & we took 2 box oats & 2 box Barley to Wassonville to be ground for the cow  Going to mill in an auto I thot of the diference now & 73 years ago  First time I went to Wassonvill my father drove a yoke of young steers to a wagon  He had a rope on one steers horns & walkd & drove our rig  All told then worth probably 60$ or 70  to day $1100 & no steers to pul it  What a change & I belive there will be more & greater change in the next 73 yrs  I am taking Doans Kidney pills 6 a day  I got my Barley of Crosset am to pay 1,25 a bu  Mon or tues I took Mrs. W. Crosset a lot of vic’s old clothes to make over for her many little kids  I gave one a cap this morn  I have a nice cool fire in the grate this eve  Miller & Brown bot a basket of hickory nuts at 9 this eve

May 29, 1909

Saturday May 29th 1909  Warm & Sultry  it is fixing to rain   I got 4 boxes strawberries 60 cents & meat 86 cents bread 20 cents cake 10 cents bananas 15 cents   Mrs Carr & Mrs Pope here to dinner & Supper & will Stay to night   Just after dinner we went up to Amanda’s & I took a last Sad look at all that remained of my only Sister   Her funeral was preached by Rev Woods at the Baptist Church & we buried her in the Wellman Cemetery   Amanda Carr rode with me to the Cemetery    A Sad Sad day

May 28, 1909

Friday May 28  My 73 birth day & a very Sad one   Amanda My only Sister died this morning at 2 oclock without gaining Consciousness & about 3,30 I came home & slept awhile   My age tells more & more on me every year & although my health is reasonably good I feel very weak & no account at times specially in the morning   I bot [bought] 4 boxs Strawberries but they failed to come in the Eve  My cousins Mrs Carr[1] & Mrs Pope[2] came from Sigourney & went home with Bell for the night   I buy much bread & meat & Leslie came from Iowa City this pm on the freight   Bell went home this Eve & Maude came to help us

[1]  Mrs. Carr was Amanda (Pinkerton) Carr  (second wife of Samuel S. Carr, who is not related to Isaac Newton Carr, as can be determined).  Amanda was the daughter of John Pinkerton and Julia Darling per the 1925 Iowa State Census.

[2]  Mrs. Pope was Hannah (Pinkerton) Pope and the daughter of Cyrus and Martha Pinkerton.  Hannah was the wife of Alonzo J. Pope.

May 27, 1909

Thursday, May 27th 1909  Mostly cloudy dried very slow  I was called at 3 am by phone to go to Amandas   I hurried & dressed & found her much worse & we thought any time she would leave us but at daylight She rallied & Suffered much pain till the Dr injected Morphine   I came home at 8 am & was back & forth all day & my only Sister is as bad sick as she can be & live   I wrote to Leslie in Iowa City to come home Saturday and I wrote to Sigourney to Amanda [Pinkerton] Carr [1] & sent a Card to the Hawkeye   My paper failed to come to day & Tuesday last   I will soon go up to see Amanda this Eve   Lucy Taylor Rinehart [2]  went home to Cedar Rapids this Eve

[1] Amanda Pinkerton Carr was Isaac’s cousin and the daughter of John Pinkerton & Julia Darling.  Amanda was the wife of Samuel S. Carr (not related to Isaac Carr).

[2] Lucy Taylor Rhinehart was also Isaac’s cousin and the daughter of Addison Taylor and Sarah G. Story, and the wife of Charles Rhinehart.

March 13, 1907

Wednesday March 13th 1907  dark cloudy damp dismal drizzly  Some snow but melted when I first arose at 6-30  Cora C [Carr] phoned us that her father Joe England had Suffered during the past night a Stroke of apoplexy or paralysis or both after breakfast   we both went over & found Joe bad Enough  I staid til noon  Amanda called & Sent Keys to the PO & Ezra is not able to go to the office to day