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February 21, 1919

Fri 21   A fine morn   we arose after 7   mother is not feeling well   I went to telegraf office & got a message from Nora   She starts today & will get to Los Angeles Sat at 9-20  I got my laundry sent more  pd 43c  got a collar 25c   at noon  Warren came with message from Harriet   She will come    Message from Lavanda to ask if she [should] prepare for the funeral in Wellman   we took dinner at Advent   Mother 36c me 31c   I saw Ady [Addison Taylor] of 11 Iowa [infantry unit] & we had a talk on the pier   we took dinner at the Advent 66c for 2   recd a letter from Nora & 1 from Mrs. Shiller   Mr. Palmer & Warren Came PM & we went North 2 or 3 miles to SunnySide Cemetery & Warren bot a small lot 2 graves & pd $108,00   a beautiful & well kept cemetery   I bargained for a tombstone for Dear Nellie & when properly inscribed & set I am to give my check for $165,00   we called at the undertaking parlors & saw our Dear Nellie girl & she looked so nice   Mr P brot us back to the hotel   our room is cold   a chilly eve   we took supper at Delmar Cafe  30c for 2 & sat in the parlor & got warm & came to our room 7-30 & found it warm


February 18, 1919

Tues 18   A fine sunny day   cool NW breeze   we arose both feeling well  took breakfast at Delmar 25c both   letter from Harriet & one from Mrs & Mr. Rupe   I started to the Market & met Ady [Addison Taylor]  of all members of 11th Iowa first 11 Iowa man I have met on this trip & I was sure glad to see him   we talked an hour   I went on to the market & bot 6 lbs Bellflower apples for 25c   they ar good eating apples   I havnt seen a News boy today   we took dinner at Advent 88c for 2 & took a walk along the pier   bot a sak pop corn 5c & went to the swimming pool   many boys & girls in & 2 bald heads   a cheerful sight to see   the youngsters play in the salt water   we took Supper at Delmar 30c for 2  sat in the parlor awhile   mother came from Nellies at 5   Recd letter from Leslie

October 15, 1917

Monday October 15, 1917 a very fine day I put in sweet corn from the shock for the cow I went to see Chris Miller about hauling a load of wood will haul it wed [Wednesday] I lookt for some manure to haul on my garden found none I coppied Add [Addison Taylor] Obituary & maild letter & Adds obituary to Washington Democrat & letter to Capt Lemon rec’d letter from Dave telling of Harveys burial & a bill of $89,00 for me to pay which I will & think it a very reasonable burial bill I voted for the amendment to the state constitution prohibiting the sale or manufacture of intoxicants in Iowa & I hope & pray that it may carry I got another box of Doans Kidney pills 60 cents & box salts at Wards & pd 70 cents Mrs. Smith called pm

October 14, 1917

Sun 14   A very fine fall day & clear   Cloudy & dark this morn but cleard   warm before noon   I went to Church am   Mother staid at home   aftr dinner Vic brot our car & we took a ride to our timber   I selected a place to chop our winter wood  we pict up ½ a pail of Hickory nuts & came home around sout [south?] & then up around Dayton home  a nice ride roads fine   I wrote obituary to Add Taylor for Washington Democrat & letter to A R Miller & letter to Capt Lemon

October 9, 1917

A series of sad events marred the month of October 1917.   The first event involved Margaret’s brother, Addison Taylor.  Addison served with Isaac in the same infantry unit during the Civil War and they were very close friends.  Isaac is also probably concerned about his son, Victor, as he underscored his commentary.

Tuesday, October 9, 1917   I got a box Doans Kidney pills pd 6 cents   Showery cold in the morning but got warmer & light showers all day  I churnd over 4 lbs of extra fine looking butter & Florilla Longwell & S. Topping [Sarah Topping] came & took it out & washe the churn & cream jar & came again in the eve & moulded the butter into one lb prints real nice   Mrs. Longwell made my bed much nicer & smoother than I can make it   at one pm I went to the funeral of Mrs. Oldaker 83 yrs   short service at the house & by auto to Frytown for burial   I recd card of 8th from Mother  Add [Addison] is no better & later I got a telegram from Charley Rinehart that Add died at 2 pm yester the 8th the last of the Taylor boys gone  boys of my boyhood day & Steve Leighton  good bye Add   I wrote to Mother & enclosed a card from Lavanda saying Dr. Schmidt of Postville Hospital is badly hurt in auto & train wreck & Leslie is helping care for him & with many other patients is very busy   Mrs. Dr. Wells calld twice left Temperance Circulars & afterward wanted flowers   I took her a nice bunch when I maild mothers letter  now at 7-30 very dark & looks rainy   Vic didn’t come home last nite   I split some old hard grubs & wood for Mrs. Florilla Longwell.

August 21, 1916

Monday Aug 21 Wrote second time to Hagerman in Liberal Kas [Kansas] another warm dry day  I got a good bit of Sweet corn for dinner & tied 12 bundles fodder & carried to the barn yard  I went down town with Marjorie & sent up crackers cheese & lemons, &c & then went to the Taylor Cemetery with undertaker Bidwell to locate a grave for Holden  Shortly aftr we got back Ollie & Brother Taylor, Carris Eldridge & John Carris came & soon after Virl & his father came with the body & we set the casket containing all that is left of Brother Holden  Carris soon went back to Keota  Virl & his father went back to Keota aftr dinner  PM Add [Addison Taylor] & I went down town  I got 85c ground steak for beef loaf  Many came & paid their respects thru the day & Eve  Several offered to set up for watch thru the Night but we thanked them & felt as tho we would rather all go to bed & turn out the lights & all be quiet  undertaker Bidwell brought the flowers  we got a fine wreath  a fine bunch of cut flowers  also Rach Hulls  Vic pitched the 12 bundles of fodder in the barn & I mowed thorns away  W A Taylor came & worked this Mon

September 27, 1915

Mon 27  Cloudy misty wet  Isabel went to Nellies to put up plums  I wanted to mow some lawn but it was too wet all day  W P Gardner phoned me to come & help him fix a wardrobe to send to Leslie & Lavanda  aftr dinner I went over & we got the thing down stairs & he had nothing to work with so we came over here & got lumber & tools & finally got it well fixt  this eve I went down town & got Cheese boiled ham & buns & bread to fix lunch for John & L [Ellen] & Ad & Holdn as they go tomorrow at 7-30  I went to official church meeting  hired same Janitor Joe Yoder at increased Salary & Had a controversy over cleaning up the church after outside associations meet & Settled it by requiring each association to pay janitor  I wrote to Mrs. Woolen & Mr Gaddis about mortgage on land in Okla  we had a fire in the grate Eve & past a pleasant eve  apples & graphaphone