August 18, 1920

Wednesday August 18, 1920   Hazy   A very fine morning to work   I mowd some lawn & cut some with the sickle & stood the work well   I feel good   my back is much better  Joe Schrader called & Rupe brot us butter & buttermilk & brot our churn home   we went to chaut [Chautaugua] this eve & heard the same 3 girls trill & screech & tremble   seemed foolish   Congressman Royal C Johnson of S Dakota made a good talk   Mrs Hik Snider calld by fone & want me to hold the Zimerman house for them at $18 per mo soon as Zimermans vacate  I mowed the terrace & alley this eve


July 30, 1920

Fri 30   A warm sunny day   I got 17 ears sweet corn & our first ripe tomatos for dinner   I went over to Rupes & he will go to Goodwins for Blk berries   Jap & I Split some wood & I carried some down   Rupe brot us 2 boxes blkberries & I pd him 40c   we got mail at Noon   letter from Dave & I got good beef steak 60c  loaf bread 15c bonami 10c soda 10c   this pm thermometer reg 93 in wellhouse   Sylvia washd & irond 3 ties for me   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont

July 29, 1920

Thursday July 29   Warm dry dusty   Jap & I Split a little wood   then drest in our best & went by invitation to Fanny Stephen in Keota  Stopt on the way at the old Bil Carris home & got Gene [Jean Alean Stephen] [1]  adopted daughter of [William Alexander] Stephen & reached Keota before Eleven   I went down town & met Warren Stewart  Joe Romine & called on Allice Leighton Wolf   went back to Stephen to dinner & an extra good one   calld twice at Theodore Greens   no one at home   a small fire in west part of town   Konklins out bdg nearly total[ed]  Jap & I went   the fire co soon put it out   I met Tip Dayton & went back to Stephen’s & near 6 Eve we had lunch & came home   were delayed Near Fosters by a blow out & got to the PO at 7-50 & found it lockd & my Ioa City daily faild to come   I gave F Klockenteger paper Maude sent & Fred gave me a letter from Maude  this is a beautiful Eve   Keota has improved much since our girls attended school ther & Main St is a nice thorofare & I enjoyd the sociability

[1] Jean Alean Stephen is William Alexander Stephen’s niece. Jean lived with William Stephen and his wife Fanny after her mother died when she was a child.  Jean’s parents were James Samson Stephen and Nellie Jean Nichols, Stephen(s)/Boice Family Tree,

July 28, 1920

Wed 28   Cool nice morn   Sun shines warm   Jap & I split some wood & he went down town for a shave & hair cut   I shaved & drest to go to John Fleming’s & we Started near 10   roads good but dusty   we arrived in due time & all 6 met with a genuine welcome & after an hour or more visiting & the arrival of Frank Fleming we were invited out to a most bountiful dinner   fresh fish & fresh strawberries & Eatibles too numerous   I consider Comrade Fleming & wife among the best entertainers seconded by their Son Everet & his capable & interesting wife   the day was well spent   home at 6 &  Jap split some wood

July 27, 1920

Tuesday July 27th 1920   Cool  Pleasant   A cool pleasant perfect day   I got 17 ears sweet corn for dinner & got 9 & mother took to Mrs Marner  Roys came from Ayers [1] & got things ready & soon after 8 they left for their home in Corydon   I have enjoyd our visit with Roy & shal miss him  Jap & I split some wood   I cant do much at it but my back is better than last spring   the wood is Elm hickory & oak & most of it splits good & is extra wood   Mrs Rupe brot us one box blackberries & I pd her 20c   took a ride to our old farm down the creek   fond memories   stopt at the old Leighton place & here memories of the long ago when I lived with Leightons & Steve Charlotte  faithful honest hard working   Charlotte & Marne & Allice & kind hearted Mr & Mrs Leighton   they were Father & Mother to me   the reality all gone   only a fond memory still lingers

[1] Perry and Julia Ayers, LeRoy’s wife, Winnie’s parents.

May 28, 1920

Friday May 28, 1920  At Ollies [1]  Dark cloudy  looks like rain  My 84 birth day & I begin to feel much like an old man   have Neither strength nor activity   my lame back is some better  am taking Harlern oil tablets  they help   my general health is fair   my hand is trembly & I can hardly write with a pen but get along fairly with a pencil   we arose rather early as Alma Izor is going away   Virl took her to Minburn  I went along & tried to find a way to get from here to Guthrie Center to see Capt Lemon but I got no satisfaction   we are visiting with Ollie & she does all she can to entertain us & she is sure a wonder to manage

[1]  Olive Taylor Carris is the widow of Albert Carris who died in 1918.  Olive is the daughter of Benjamin Holden Taylor and Laura C. Izor, Margaret Taylor Carr’s brother and sister-in-law.

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