June 10, 1865

Parkersburg, Va on board Nora  Ohio river  Saturday, June 10, 1865   I awoke at daylight   the train was stoped near Parkersburg, Va.   Cloudy and looks like rain   look round sometime to find water to wash as we were very dirty with coal smoke and soot from the locomotive   just got breakfast ready as it commenced to rain   we soon put up a chebang with [Wallace] Darrow as Perry [Van Winkle] and Add [Addison Taylor] were behind detailed to take care of baggage and had our dog tent   at I A M bugle sounds attention   we fall in and leave the R R for the river and get on board the Nora  a small stern wheele r  3 Cos of our reg  3 of 15th  3 of 13th Iowa   rain Stoped   our boat left at 4 P M   fleet consists of Nora  Bertha  Alice  America  Pinegrove  Express  Revenue   We are not much crowded and I think will have a pleasant trip down the pleasant Ohio  the river is very low and the channel is very shallow  till 25 miles below here at foot of Buffons Island


June 9, 1865

Isaac takes note of the many towns he goes through on the train.

On the cars B. & O. R. R.   Friday, June 9, 1865   Very warm but we fixed an awning over our car with our dog tent   I awoke at daylight   the cars were stoped at Freemont   had been stoped since one A M   country through here for many miles both ways on the r r is very rough and mountaneous   [Samuel] Leighton made coffee before I awoke   so we had a warm breakfast and soon stared pass Bloomington, Frankville, Swanton  Altamont, Md, Oakland   little more level   9 miles to west union, Cheat riv Sta   river as large as English, Tunnelton Sta and through Ringwood tunnel 1 ½ miles  Newberg, Va,  Independence   threw paper to a lady  thornton  Drafton  100 ms [miles] E of Parkersburg   got hot coffee by U, S, C, C, Western  Simpson  Flemington Bridgeport Clarksburg  large town   2 handsome ladies waved flags and near them an inscription   welcome home our western heroes  sundown   Wilsonsburg at dark & commences to rain  have a light shower   get wet   Soon clears off  get a tolerable nights sleep

June 8, 1865

Thursday, June 8, 1865   Very warm   I awoke this morning   the cars were stoped in a wild picturesque place among the rocks and hills   got off and washed   felt right well   passed the following places  Mariottville  60 miles from Harpers fery   Sykesville  Watersville  Mt Airy [?]  crossed the Monota riv at Fredrics junction 22 miles East of Harpers ferry   Canal here runs along the rr [railroad]  beside the river several miles Adamstown   Sandyhook here  struck North Potomac at Harpers fery between H F and Martinsburg   nice level country   fine farms and timber   some good hedge   passed North Mountain  here a lady threw me a boquet with her address attached   tis Laura V Tabler [1] North Mountain  Berkeley, Co, Va   West  Chery run   Sleepy creek  Hancock Cacapon  Orleans road   North Potomac R R and canal run side & side   lay down to sleep at dark   at 11 P M called up at Comberland Md to get hot coffee gratis   plenty of it

[1] Laura Virginia “Jennie” Tabler was born in 1842 in Virginia.  She was the daughter of Adam Malachi Tabler and Elizabeth Green Claybourne Butts.  She never married and died in 1903 in West Virginia.  Tablet(t)-Tabler Ancestors Family Tree at http://www.ancestry.com.

June 7, 1865

Finally, it was time to head for home.  Isaac and his fellow soldiers had been camped near Washington D. C. since May 23, 1865.

Wednesday, June 7, 1865   Washington City  D C   Weather quite warm  at three P M   we started to the city to take the cars for Parkersburg Va on Ohio riv   had a creek to wade first thing and got our feet wet   marched to the depot of the Baltimore and Ohio R R  five miles by five Oclock   lay there on the pavement till after dark when the train came for us and we got on board   Co F on an open lumber car and very much crowded being forty three to the car   we managed to sleep very sparingly   night very warm   got started about mid night from the city of Washington   Moon shone bright  was most a delightful night   I awoke several times and saw the trees  fences and buildings fairly flying past   Soon droped asleep again   road good and solid   All appears carefully conducted on the cars B. & O. R. R.

June 6, 1865

Tuesday, June 6, 1865   5 miles North of Washington D C   Cool and Cloudy last evening Mr. Cowey our State agent at this City made a few remarks to our reg [regiment]  Chaplain Roach also delivered a short but eloquent address   these gentlemen were very patriotic and philanthropic in their remarks but rather too much panegyric   it has looked like rain today all day  turned our teams over and drew four days rations  So with today we have six days rations on hand   our Division Hosptl was broken up   Evry thing looks like moving   we think we will probably start tomorrow morning as the fifteenth A C have all gone and all of ours or nearly so except our Division  we don’t any of us look for a very pleasant trip from here to Louisville especially the part on the cars for we will be crowded and wont be likely to have a very good thing of it on the boat

June 5, 1865

Monday, June 5, 1865  5 Miles North of Washington D C   Weather quite warm   lay abed till after sunrise as twas a good morning for napping and rollcall is about played out except evenings   I wrote a letter to Mary C Fulaston   drew soft bread again this evening   the weather is so warm that laying in camp is not so comfortable as it has been yet   tis rather easier than marching   our conscripts who go out under the late order left us today  Six from our company   Old Dyer [probably Lewis Dyer, resident of Buffalo, New York][1] is gone  the company wont get a scientific cussin very soon again   he gave [William] Crill and [Anthony] McDowell one this morning   I see by the morning paper the reb governor Magrath [2] of S C was recently arrested at Columbia S C.  all right   we’ll have all the traitors yet   Wade Hampton[3] still eludes our grasp but we’ll get him yet

[1] Logan, Guy E., Roster and Record of Iowa Troops in the Rebellion, Vol. 2 http://iagenweb.org/civilwar/books/logan/mil403.htm

[2] Andrew Gordon Magrath, last Confederate Governor of South Carolina

[3] Wade Hampton III was a Confederate Cavalry Leader, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wade_Hampton_III

June 4, 1865

Sunday, June 4, 1865   5 miles North of Washington D C   Weather quite warm   as I was not well I lay long in bed this morning and did not get up to breakfast   after I got up and stirred around a little felt better and wrote a letter to Frances Beaumont   Cleaned up guns and accouterments and had company inspection in the evening  drew hard tack  I suppose in anticipation of moving soon   also drew a very little sanitary  one pr [pair] drawers   half plug tobacco and two oranges to the Co   cast lots for the drawers   gave the oranges to a sick man   tobacco is rather dull   cant hardly give it away   poor stuff   it has been some over a year since I used any tobacco and I don’t think I will commence again   in such warm weather I don’t seem to want it now any how

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