June 3, 1865

Saturday, June 3, 1865  5 miles north of Washington D C   Weather warm and pleasant   I washed a little   the darkeys are clamorous for washing but they only about half do their work so I think the best way for me is to do it myself   we drew some sanitary such as handkerchiefs a few shirts and drawers  letter paper and envelopes   those who had the distribution of these things stated explicitly they were for the men and not the officers but for all that some of our boys saw officers taking drawers and some nicknacks in to their tents   our conscripts were mustered out today and the last of the 15th A C left to day for the west   Nothing uncommon going on in camp   the common talk is with regard to being mustered out but no one knows any thing certain about it   we are doing fine   evry body feels good   health first rate   little Diarrhea


June 2, 1865

Friday, June 2, 1865   5 miles North of Washington D C   Weather Pleasant  all quiet in camp   most of the boys are very busy making rings and other ornaments from the root of the Laurel shrub which grows here in abundance  I too am a little engaged in that business today   Our company Street is well shaded with nice white Oaks and by spreading a blanket on the ground it makes a nice comfortable place to pass away the slow time   this P M I read over all the letters I had from Maggie [Taylor] since I left Home   there is quite a variety of tone and sentiment and tis amusing to note the diference yet take the letters all round there seems to be a sense of sincerity running through them   hard to doubt but time will tell

Note:  Maggie Taylor was the younger sister of Isaac’s first wife, Elizabeth, who died in 1861.

June 1, 1865

Thursday, June 1, 1865   5 miles north of Washington D C   Weather pleasant   this is the last day of National mourning for the death of our late president   tis not observed in camp that I can see but no daily papers will be Issued tomorrow in consequence   Executive offices in the city are closed today   tis warmer than for several days past   our conscripts turned over their guns   I spent this day laying in the shade reading and talking   we Expect to Start west in a day or two   our prospects for getting out of the service don’t seem very flattering at present   I was thinking much of Maggie  [Taylor] today and hope I may get a letter from her before we start west as our correspondence has been of a rather unpleasant Nature lately

May 31, 1865

Wednesday May 31, 1865   5 miles north of Washington D C   Weather fair and pleasant   Spent most of the day reading newspapers   I got in the city yesterday  the fifteenth A C partly took the cars for the west   I wrote to Ellen and R  Squire   we are being right well fed now   we have had soft bread for several days and yesterday and this evening we drew potatoes onions and pickles in sufficient quantities to appreciate them  they came from the sanitary commission  a lecture on temperance was delivered this evening to our brigade   I did not hear it  twas said to be good temperance  meddals were sold and tracts distributed

May 30, 1865

Tuesday May 30, 1865   5 miles north of Washington D C   Weather clear and pleasant   I concluded to visit the City again and as no passes were granted   had some little difficulty in flanking the guards but succeeded well  walked around the city visiting the Treasury Deptmt post office & C in A M  and P M went to the White House   was in three rooms   then to the Smithsonian institute   this is an institution well worth any man or womans time to visit it   the upper story or picture gallery not being fire proof was burned not long since   2 lower stories were not injured  stuffed birds and animals of all kinds and sizes, coral, mummies, and many other curiosities are here  we had some bannanas pine apples ice cream in fact all that was good for men of our Complexion

May 29, 1865

Monday May 29, 1865   5 miles north of Washington D C   Weather cool and pleasant   as I was not well I did not get up to roll call but lay abed till after sunrise some time  and then eat a very light breakfast  but I feel better this P M   bought a morning paper  no very particular news   all appear to be in favor of hanging Jeff Davis  I sent for the N Y Herald to be sent to Dayton Iowa] to my address  price two Dollars   sent a note to Amanda [Carr] requesting her to get the papers and preserve them for me as I wish to get the proceeding of the trials now pending in the U S. Supreme court   rumors are afloat that we start in a few days for Louisville, Ky via Baltimore & Cincinnatia   I suppose we get no pay and I think it best we should not

May 28, 1865

Sunday May 28, 1865   5 miles north of Washington D C   Lay in camp  weather clear and pleasant  as the prospect is good for fair weather we policed camp and set our chebangs in regular order  I am considerable under the weather something appears to be the matter with my digestive organs and has been for some time   I wrote a letter to Amanda [Carr] got a morning chronicle in which an official statement of the surrender of Kirby Smith in the trans Mississippi deptmt   this I suppose ends the fighting for the present in the U S   got orders to have regular roll calls so after this I suppose we will have to rise a little earlier in the mornings   that wont suit us   these are famous mornings for napping


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