August 4, 1867

August 4th 1867  Sunday went to Bradfords & to see Uncle Luthers House   I went over to see how father was [Harvey Taylor]  he is better & able to bind what some


June 7, 8, & 9, 1867

June 7, 1867  went to mill   got grist   got sugar for Mans & 3 lbs white sugar for self  paid 20 cts postage for paper  P M choped in sod corn  we went and got King K to help me tomorrow 

8th  King & I chopped in sod corn  finished eve  hoed out Early potatoes  plenty of bugs   paid King 67 cts and we are square  warm & dry  grafts doing fine  also raspberried   Brownie took bull 

9th Sunday warm  went to Hix [Hicks]  not at home  went to Vix [probably Vic Carris] [1]  Had a visit  Kate gone to bee hive to Vic  went to Farleys  tried mare  no go

[1] Victor and Catherine Carris were neighbors of Isaac’s and, evidently, close friends for Isaac named his fourth son after his neighbor, Victor.

March 7, 12 & 26, 1867

Mar. 7th, 1867  took Ellin [1] Home & took 9 Doz Eggs  let Dave [1]  Have one doz and sold 8 doz for 10 cts per Doz to Linscott(?) 

Mar. 12th, 1867  went to Als & got Iron wedges sharpened  got a load poles  turn brisk towards night  turned cold this night  very cold got up 3 times & made fires 

Mar. 26th, 1867  Snow & rain AM  Maggie sick PM  I chopped wood

[1] Ellin and Dave could be Maggie Taylor Carr’s sister and brother.

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