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August 9 and 10, 1918

Fri 9  & Sat 10   Mostly Cloudy  cool & pleasant   Uri Taylor came early & workd for mother 5 hours & I pd her one dollar   I pd electric stove bill for July 2,90   I mowed the lawn south of the house   I got mail at noon & got bacon & steak 45c  Tea 30c sugar 19c   war news still favorable to our side   Electricity failed just at noon so we didn’t get our meat cooked   in the eve I went for the mail   got none   I expected a letter from Leslie   Dr McIntosh our Mayor invited mother & I to ride in their fine new car   we went to Washington (Sat eve)   I got some ice cream lemonade musk mellon &c 75c   we had a fine ride   Sam, Jessy Ashby & I heard that Fletcher Graham is dead   home near 11   fine ride

August 8, 1918

Thurs 8  Cloudy & cooler   comfortable   I mowed some lawn  the terrace &c & I cut some along East with my sickle & got a basket full of grass for my cow   I got sweet corn for dinner   I sawd a split limb off a plum tree & pulld a few weeds out of my turnips   they are faring badly   this hot dry weather mostly gone   I got the mail at noon   no particular news   Mrs Carter & her mother called   Zimmerman called & got 2 boards to fix his chicken yard   I dug out some water   grass tis growing fast it is quite a little cooler to nite

August 7, 1918

Wednesday August 7 1918   Another hot dry day   I mowed the alley & cut with the sickle & raked up a heaping basket full for the cow   I got the mail at noon   no letters   I had one forward to Nellie   Mother & I sat in the E porch most of the PM   fairly comfortable   Mrs Zimmerman Mrs Ruby & Mrs Gale Hamilton calld   Ruby called to grind his sickle   I ground my scythe & sickle   we sat on the porch & coold off

August 6, 1918

Tues 6   Another hot dry day   I mowd a little lawn   Mother is sick most all da   I baked 3 pancakes for breakfast & dint want them   Mrs Wanrus calld & brot a basket of good cow feed   Mrs Dutton calld   also Mrs Newt Gardner   Carter boy brot 2 boxes strawberries   I pd him 50c owd 40c  this has been a long lonesome tedious day   I got mail at noon   letter from Roy   crops burning up   John Lindsey put horse in Pasture $2 a mon

August 5, 1918

Mon 5   Another hot uncomfortable day  104 deg in our well house   I mowed the north park & cut with the sickle & got a heaping basket full of grass for the cow & I dug along the edge of the walk aways   after dinner we went to the funeral of Mrs Kreger at their house preached by Rev Mueller in English & German   very impressive but so very warm   it was to me almost unbearable   many attended   I got mail at noon   letter from Leslie   is getting fairly started in the Hosp   capacity 3000 & near full  some from over sea   Susie [1] & Lavanda just called   John Lindsey calld  wants pasture for 1 horse  will turn in the 6th at $2 a mon[th]

[1] probably Lavanda’s sister

August 4, 1918

Sun 4  A very warm day  100 deg in the well house   Mother & I went to the Baptist Church   Many present   no preaching at M E Church   3 were baptized by immersion & a good sermon by Rev Dewy   Mother & I took little comfort   we set around PM & talked about our dear boy Vic & about making over my will   not pleasant contemplations & the heat was oppressive even at dark   as we sat on the east porch we took little comfort   Mr & Mrs Rupe called awhile at sun down

August 3, 1918

Saturday August 3rd 1918   A fine warm still day  I finishd digging potatos for this year & have 18 bu fine ones in the cellar  I got 17 to 20 ears sweet corn to cook & dry  I went for the mail near noon  Card from Leslie is located at Hospital in DC & we wrote to him & maild the letter this eve  Lavanda & Ellen calld this PM  I depos Zimmermans chk $15 & kept $5  I got 3 writing tablets & toilet paper at Wards  pd Bertha 50c  our forces are still driving the Germans & take Soissons[1] & many smaller towns  shaved 15c

[1] Soissons, an ancient town in France, was heavily bombed in the war; Wikipedia,