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September 16, 1920

Thursday September 16 1920   Old Setlers Day   I was Surprised just at breakfst this morning   the Mayor of our town Ed C Jones called & wanted me to give the address of welcome to the assembly which honor I declined as it was rather late for me to formulate an address   too short Notice   I would have been proud to do it if I had even a few hours Notice  Huntsberger came in his auto & we went to the park & decorated the speakers stand & I put many small flags on the trees in the park   I came home & drest & at 9-30 Roy came from Corydon & I was glad to see him   he put his auto in the barn & we all went down town & viewd a very fine parade of floats on autos well decorated   Kabaker took the prize of $25   we went to the park & heard speaking & Rev Dewey of the Baptist [Church] Promised an invocation   had some Band music & came home to dinner   at 1-30 went back & heard a good address by Judge DeGraef & Band music   then saw a wonderful leap by an Overland auto & the machine was badly broken   a flying machine flew over and around all the pm & took passengers for $10   many fake gamers were plying their trade & 3 diferent boxing matches were put on of 4 & 6 rounds & they banged each other left & right   I saw many of my old friends & Nabors & the day was all we could ask   in the eve I helpd take down decorations of speakers stand & took to Mrs Clark Brown & came home tired tired   I had 4 flags out at our home   I took them in & after Supper  Roy & wife went to Ayers awhile


August 19, 1920

Thurs 19   warm & mostly cloudy   I finishd mowing my lawn & cut much with sickle   I also ground my sickle   I got mail at Noon   rcd a letter from Leslie & got 25c steak for dinner   at 2 pm we went to Chaut   some girls sang or cried   I harly knew which   very poor if singing & very poor cause if crying   a midle agd woman talkd on Russia & the women & children   a fair talk but I am little interested in Russian afairs   Bert Steninger talkd about buying my Zimerman House   I geathered up some grass & weeds   I cut & put in the Barn  we went to Chaut this eve   I felt rather bore[d] the whole eve   a Chicago boy livened things up some & a Mexican played well on his horn but 3 or 4 girls were bores to say the least

August 18, 1920

Wednesday August 18, 1920   Hazy   A very fine morning to work   I mowd some lawn & cut some with the sickle & stood the work well   I feel good   my back is much better  Joe Schrader called & Rupe brot us butter & buttermilk & brot our churn home   we went to chaut [Chautaugua] this eve & heard the same 3 girls trill & screech & tremble   seemed foolish   Congressman Royal C Johnson of S Dakota made a good talk   Mrs Hik Snider calld by fone & want me to hold the Zimerman house for them at $18 per mo soon as Zimermans vacate  I mowed the terrace & alley this eve

July 30, 1920

Fri 30   A warm sunny day   I got 17 ears sweet corn & our first ripe tomatos for dinner   I went over to Rupes & he will go to Goodwins for Blk berries   Jap & I Split some wood & I carried some down   Rupe brot us 2 boxes blkberries & I pd him 40c   we got mail at Noon   letter from Dave & I got good beef steak 60c  loaf bread 15c bonami 10c soda 10c   this pm thermometer reg 93 in wellhouse   Sylvia washd & irond 3 ties for me   we wrote to Leslie in Clermont

July 29, 1920

Thursday July 29   Warm dry dusty   Jap & I Split a little wood   then drest in our best & went by invitation to Fanny Stephen in Keota  Stopt on the way at the old Bil Carris home & got Gene [Jean Alean Stephen] [1]  adopted daughter of [William Alexander] Stephen & reached Keota before Eleven   I went down town & met Warren Stewart  Joe Romine & called on Allice Leighton Wolf   went back to Stephen to dinner & an extra good one   calld twice at Theodore Greens   no one at home   a small fire in west part of town   Konklins out bdg nearly total[ed]  Jap & I went   the fire co soon put it out   I met Tip Dayton & went back to Stephen’s & near 6 Eve we had lunch & came home   were delayed Near Fosters by a blow out & got to the PO at 7-50 & found it lockd & my Ioa City daily faild to come   I gave F Klockenteger paper Maude sent & Fred gave me a letter from Maude  this is a beautiful Eve   Keota has improved much since our girls attended school ther & Main St is a nice thorofare & I enjoyd the sociability

[1] Jean Alean Stephen is William Alexander Stephen’s niece. Jean lived with William Stephen and his wife Fanny after her mother died when she was a child.  Jean’s parents were James Samson Stephen and Nellie Jean Nichols, Stephen(s)/Boice Family Tree,

July 28, 1920

Wed 28   Cool nice morn   Sun shines warm   Jap & I split some wood & he went down town for a shave & hair cut   I shaved & drest to go to John Fleming’s & we Started near 10   roads good but dusty   we arrived in due time & all 6 met with a genuine welcome & after an hour or more visiting & the arrival of Frank Fleming we were invited out to a most bountiful dinner   fresh fish & fresh strawberries & Eatibles too numerous   I consider Comrade Fleming & wife among the best entertainers seconded by their Son Everet & his capable & interesting wife   the day was well spent   home at 6 &  Jap split some wood

July 27, 1920

Tuesday July 27th 1920   Cool  Pleasant   A cool pleasant perfect day   I got 17 ears sweet corn for dinner & got 9 & mother took to Mrs Marner  Roys came from Ayers [1] & got things ready & soon after 8 they left for their home in Corydon   I have enjoyd our visit with Roy & shal miss him  Jap & I split some wood   I cant do much at it but my back is better than last spring   the wood is Elm hickory & oak & most of it splits good & is extra wood   Mrs Rupe brot us one box blackberries & I pd her 20c   took a ride to our old farm down the creek   fond memories   stopt at the old Leighton place & here memories of the long ago when I lived with Leightons & Steve Charlotte  faithful honest hard working   Charlotte & Marne & Allice & kind hearted Mr & Mrs Leighton   they were Father & Mother to me   the reality all gone   only a fond memory still lingers

[1] Perry and Julia Ayers, LeRoy’s wife, Winnie’s parents.