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October 12, 1898

Wednesday Oct 12  Cool & cloudy  first morning in Wellman  We arose Early & Harve Nellie & I went to the farm & I got $3,75 worth of chickens that Vic had caught last night as he stayed with Roy on the old farm  we also got the clock, Setting room mirror &c Harve got a Small load of yellow corn & hauled the chickens

October 11, 1898

Tuesday October 11th  A real nice day & Clear  A day I shal allways remember  the day I left the old farm & I think for good  the farm where I have worked so hard  Early & late & been very Successful  where I have raised a big family of good Children  I borrowed a wagon of Roy & we loaded 2 wagons & all Came to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  unloaded & Harve & Mag & I went back & brought 2 more loads  tis real chilly  arrived at nearly dark & unloaded  Bell also Came to pass the first night in our new home from her school near 4 miles west  Maude & Nellie had supper ready & we were ready for Supper  I sold $25 worth Chickens

I. N. Carr's Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa
                  I. N. Carr’s Victorian Home in Wellman, Iowa

October 10, 1898

Monday October 10th 1898  Rain all the AM & Some times quite hard  a very poor time for a Sale  we arose Early & Roy soon came but the rain also soon came & Seemed to spoil all my plans but the men began to Come Early in Spite of the rain & before 11 AM we had a good crowd but it rained till plum noon  we had Early dinner  Jesse Leasure my auctioneer came about 9 in the rain  I invited Several in to dinner  H G Moore my Clerk Came in the rain about 10 AM  it Stopped raining about noon & at 1 PM Leasure began Selling my stuff  traps sold very low also horses  the highest any brought was one colt  3 past $27  hogs sold fairly well 22 head  Cattle sold well 43 head & by 4 PM we had all sold out  I saved 2 Cows 5 horses & 3 pigs to take to Wellman  Beamer & Co commenced putting in my furnace

October 8, 1898

Saturday, Oct 8 A real nice fall like day Mag & I & Harve went to Wellman & took 2 good loads of house goods & took dinner at Amanda’s Harve went home to dinner & PM brought wood Nellie also came & Lynch helped Mag & I paid him off $2 Harve has worked 315 days & drew 139,50 Sylvia & Hattie & Jap all here

October 3, 1898

Monday Oct 3 A nice Cool day & Extra good roads we arose Early & Joe & I went to Washington drove to Walthers & Beamer Co & they loaded my furnace before dinner and I had Beamer draw up a heating contract and sign it Put up team and dinnered at Benz hotel Started home at 2 PM come by Wellman at dark left the furnace at the house Holden & Ike Bradford helped me un load it Also Rufus Whetstine who was here watering my lawn home after 8 & tired we posted some sale bills Also Willard