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I have been a family history researcher for 33 years and have published two family books. I am currently working on the life story of my second great grandfather, Isaac Newton Carr and his ancestors.

April 19, 1919

Sat 19   A most beautiful warm & Balmy morn   we arose both feeling well  I made fires only in grate & Stove & at 10 am went to the Depot & met Dave from St Paul & we are Sure glad to have him with us again   I got 1 lb butter 70c meat 40c bananas 25c crackers 15c & home to dinner   PM I burned pile of trash   hi S wind & looks much like rain   PM went down town   I got a thick steak for Sunday 90c & another lb creamery butter 70c   we lookd for Roy & for Leslie til bed time   Lavanda & baby came & Spent the Eve & Dr Gardner came by & told that they had telegram from Leslie   he will be in Ioa City 10 AM Sunday   boy brot my brown clothes pressd   I pd 1,00


April 18, 1919

Friday April 18 1919   heavy frost this morn   we are both reasonably well   tis Mothers 72 birth day & She is well preservd considering the large family she has raised & the work she has done & we have reason to be very thankful   I got shaved at Hulls 15c   I got red soap 10c   we are invited to our friends Mrs Smith Rupe & went at 11   E Bradford called & went with us & then we all went & got the mail   mother recd several Birth day cards & letter from Harriet   Charley Blumenstine & wife also at Rupes & we had a real good visit & Mrs R had prepared a most excellent dinner which we all enjoyd & we came home after 4 & Hod Wilson & wife came & Spent the Eve   we only had fire in the grate & were warm Enuf  we got the word thru Lavanda that Leslie will be Discharged from the Army tomorrow & be home soon & tis sure good News   we also look for Dave from St Paul & maybe Roy   we hope so

April 13, 1919

Sunday 13   a very fine springlike day   we arose late   Mother & I drest for Sunday & went to church   Shook hands with many friends   all seemed glad to see us back home   my cat Tom left with Mrs Zimmerman all winter came home this morn & he seemed glad to see me   I fed him aftr church   mother & I called on Mrs C C Gardner   She is very lame from a fall   aftr dinner it was cloudy dark & gloomy all PM & we sat around til eve when Zimmerman & wife called & staid til church time & we lent them my umbrella & they went to church & we ate supper

April 12, 1919

Saturday April 12 1919   A nice clear warm day   Arthur girl came & workd for mother & our house looks well   I paid her $3 & Frank fixt toilet & a fawcet & I pd him all I owe him $3,75 & Emet White pd me $3 for last years pasture   Kopoch came & workd all day mowing lawn & raking   I pd him 2,25   painter Smith called this eve said I owed him $2 for painting Dr Wells kitchen   I pd him one $ & will pay another $ later   I went to lawyer Bells & he drew a deed to James Aggison for the Shiller house & 50 ft lot   Mother & I signed the deed & left it with Bell who also fixt up my income tax papers & Sent to Louis Murphy Dubukue [Dubuque, Iowa] & I settled all accts with Bell for fees & commission & gave him a check for $45,00 & Aggison gave me a check for $2000,00 for the Shiller house & I took a certificate of deposit in the W S Bank [Wellman Savings Bank] for $3000,00 one yr at 6%   I sheard $52,62c off my Bonds & got the cash   I pd Louis Gardner 3,35 for sak flour & J W Oldakr 50c for 11 lb brown sugar   I signd insurance on Shiller house to Aggison til next Aug   I was by Lyman Bradford & gave in $25000,00 moneys & credits

April 11, 1919

Fri 11   Cold dark Cloudy & light Showers   Frank Arthurs girl came & worked for us all day & Frank came & fixt some plumbing   mother & I both feeling well & able to work some   we recd a fine typewritten letter from Leslie in Desmoines & he expects to come home soon   Mr & Mrs Rupe called & Mrs Lindsey called & spent the eve & we had a good visit   I went to see Kopoch & pd him $8 for shoveling snow off my walks last wintr & spreading manure   I cashd pension chk $120,00 & depos in Bank   I got shaved at Hulls 15c

April 10, 1919

Thurs 10   Arose Early in Muscatine   Paid our bill $2,00 at the hotel & soon took the train for Wellman   a dull cool cloudy day   we arrived nearly on time at 10-30 & Dr Gardner was at the train & asked us to their home for dinner & of course we gladly accepted   we had eaten no breakfast & Mrs Gardners dinner was exceptionally good & we appreciated the kindness   first we came home & started 3 fires   found things all as we left them near 6 mos ago only mice had got in & made some havoc but Lavanda had got some traps & had caught the most of them with Mr & Mrs Rupe to help   Mr Rupe also invited us to dinner & we were sorry we couldn’t accept both invitations   after visiting with Gardners & reading a letter from Leslie in Desmoines we came home & oh how we missed our dear boy Vic   he allways met us at the train but he is gone never to return   we will allways cherish his memory   I bot bread meat tea coffee flour & Frank Arthur had put our plumbing in shape & we are glad to be at home once more

April 9, 1919

Wednesday April 9 1919   Left Harriets in the rain   Arose Early & found it raining   couldn’t use auto so we took Electric called Strang line for KC  arrived 7-30 AM   still raining  found our trunk & chekd it to Wellman   pd $21,35 for 2 tickets to Wellman via Muscatine & I am sick from riding on the electric & felt dizzy & miserable all day & it raind most of the time   a woman & her kids put in the time eating   we ate dinner & supper from the lunch that Harriet gave us   arrivd in Muscatine at 8 eve & put up at the New Muscatine Hotel close to depot & a fine room & a good bed