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I have been a family history researcher for 33 years and have published two family books. I am currently working on the life story of my second great grandfather, Isaac Newton Carr and his ancestors.

October 16, 1920

Sat 16   A fine cool morning   I carried 5 pails water to scrub front porch   I don’t feel well   Wellman has 875 people & with Lime Creek TP [Township] 2075 & in 1910 we had 2032   I fixt some trap triggers & got mail at Noon   Card from Dave   I got $34 intrest on Bonds & depos it   Fred K gave me a letter from Maude   I wrote to Lincoln Woolen Mills Co dpt 554-208-214 Chicago & I maild the letter this eve & aftr dark C Rowe wife & 2 kids came & Staid an hour   they brot us a gal sweet cider & a qt New Sorgum   they are nice clever people   I bot a nice 4 lb chicken of Zelmers  pd 80c


October 15, 1920

Friday October 15 1920   Partly cloudy & warm   cooler towards eve  raind several times last Nite but not much water fell   I workd around the barn a while Sweeping Sawing & pounding   I got mail at Noon   No letters  I got bacon 25c   PM we wrote to Leslie in Clermont & I maild the letter  also one to Isabel in Pomona Calif & mother took fruit juice to the church to make frappa [1] for to nite   after Supper Mother & I went to ME church to a reception & get acquaintd meet for our New Pastor Rev Moore & wife & the Wellman teachrs   a goodly crowd present   the opening address by C C Gardner folowd by disgusting singing Howling or barking   some fair recitations & in a few remarks Rev Moore thankd some body for the meet  a huge bowl of frapa was in evidence & all had plenty   I took 1 small glass   I don’t believe in nor favor drinking such Stuf   home at 10   I gave C C Gardner a chk for $45 for Pastor salery & will give $20 more Next spring if not prevented

[1] describes one definition of frappé as a fruit juice mixture frozen to a mush, to be served as a dessert, appetizer, or relish.

October 14, 1920

Thurs 14   Warm warm   Partly cloudy   a light showr last nite   we lay long in bed   arose at 8 oclock   our Naber Aggsons came home this morning from a visit in Oklahoma   been gone over 2 weeks & seemd very glad to be home   I took a tea cup of butter to Rupes we had borrowd   I got mail at Noon & got Rupes mail  a letter & pamphlet & he brot us some buns & got his mail   I found Frank Scranton here as I came from the PO   he staid to dinner & then went to a hog sale

October 13, 1920

Wednesday October 13 1920   warm & dry   S wind   it thunderd & Sprinkled rain a little last nite   Sun rose brite & clear & Staid so   I got mail at Noon   No letters & Main St was very very dry & dusty   I never saw it more dusty   I got hamburg steak 25c   Pm mother went with C C Gardners to Pierces to a LAS [perhaps Ladies Auxiliary Society?] & she heard that Lyman Bradford town marshal & JP & our Nephew my Sisters Boy had left town   left his family under a cloud   oh the evils of Beer whiskey & women   while mother was gone I lookd over old letters & old pictures of long ago   I went to Snidr creamry & got cream   pd 1,00 & I churnd twice 15 min each time & got a fine mess of butter but quite warm   Mrs Marner Brot us some fine apples & pears & mother took her some butter milk

September 21, 1920

Thursday September 21 1920   A very fine warm day & Our 55 anniversary of our wedding & we celebrated the day by going with Mr & Mrs Perry Ayers to our Co [County] Home to the annual picnic   we took our dinner   started at 9 AM & we Surely enjoyd the day   an interesting program was carried out   Rev Henry Millice pronounced an appropriate Invocation   then good Band music & Speaking & at Noon all enjoyd a picnic dinner with free good strong coffee with singing speaking reciting & a flying machine in the pm & Mr Beatty & his good wife deserve the sincere thanks of the whole Co for the good care & management they give to this public institution   Evrything has the best of care & the large Orchard excited the wonder & admiration of all   it was sprayed 4 times & every tree loaded with fine large healthy apples   no worms or other pests worked on these apples   all smoothe & Nice   we got home before sundown & we thank Mr & Mrs Ayers for giving us this very enjoyable day   we got mail at the PO as we came home   letters from Leslie Ellen & Mrs A L Palmer   Mother is sick since coming home   something don’t set with on her stomach

September 16, 1920

Thursday September 16 1920   Old Setlers Day   I was Surprised just at breakfst this morning   the Mayor of our town Ed C Jones called & wanted me to give the address of welcome to the assembly which honor I declined as it was rather late for me to formulate an address   too short Notice   I would have been proud to do it if I had even a few hours Notice  Huntsberger came in his auto & we went to the park & decorated the speakers stand & I put many small flags on the trees in the park   I came home & drest & at 9-30 Roy came from Corydon & I was glad to see him   he put his auto in the barn & we all went down town & viewd a very fine parade of floats on autos well decorated   Kabaker took the prize of $25   we went to the park & heard speaking & Rev Dewey of the Baptist [Church] Promised an invocation   had some Band music & came home to dinner   at 1-30 went back & heard a good address by Judge DeGraef & Band music   then saw a wonderful leap by an Overland auto & the machine was badly broken   a flying machine flew over and around all the pm & took passengers for $10   many fake gamers were plying their trade & 3 diferent boxing matches were put on of 4 & 6 rounds & they banged each other left & right   I saw many of my old friends & Nabors & the day was all we could ask   in the eve I helpd take down decorations of speakers stand & took to Mrs Clark Brown & came home tired tired   I had 4 flags out at our home   I took them in & after Supper  Roy & wife went to Ayers awhile

August 19, 1920

Thurs 19   warm & mostly cloudy   I finishd mowing my lawn & cut much with sickle   I also ground my sickle   I got mail at Noon   rcd a letter from Leslie & got 25c steak for dinner   at 2 pm we went to Chaut   some girls sang or cried   I harly knew which   very poor if singing & very poor cause if crying   a midle agd woman talkd on Russia & the women & children   a fair talk but I am little interested in Russian afairs   Bert Steninger talkd about buying my Zimerman House   I geathered up some grass & weeds   I cut & put in the Barn  we went to Chaut this eve   I felt rather bore[d] the whole eve   a Chicago boy livened things up some & a Mexican played well on his horn but 3 or 4 girls were bores to say the least