February 24, 1938

Margaret died on February 24, 1938 in Pomona California. She was 90 years old. Her death came 15 years and 10 days after Isaac’s. Her children brought their mother home to Wellman, Iowa, where she was buried with Isaac in the Taylor family cemetery, just south of Wellman.

Isaac specified in his will that “at the death of my wife, I direct that Leslie Lewis Carr is to have all of the books belonging to my daily diary and library, except any of my other children may have one or two books apiece from the library if they wish same for keepsakes”. We know from the newspaper account, dated February 13, 1924, that Leslie was there to help his mother dispose of the household goods. So, it would make sense that the daily diaries and library books would be given to Leslie at that time instead of moving them to California. Leslie also received some mementos Isaac saved and original land purchases from the U. S. Government documented on parchment paper. Also in the collection were Isaac’s hand-written speeches and many newspaper clippings saved over the years.

After Leslie died on October 19, 1968, Isaac’s entire collection made its way to the State Historical Society of Iowa, Special Collections, Iowa City, Iowa. I am very grateful to the Historical Society for introducing me to Isaac’s journals and allowing some of the collection to be published on this blog.

This concludes my blog entries for now. I haven’t decided how I will go forward, but as previously mentioned in the past, if anything new comes to my attention, I will post the information.

Thanks, again, to my followers for their interest, commentary and support.

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