March 16, 1922

Thurs [March] 16   dark cloudy & looks like rain & not cold   we came before 7 at Isabels & packed our Napsax for Long Beach & started before 9 & got Maude with Roy’s at the Bus Station   we got to Nellies grave near Eleven & placed flowers on her grave & it rained a little   cold & gloomy  only stopt a few minutes   we saw a man struck by a heavy truck & badly injured   got to Hotel Diem at near Noon & took dinner at caffeteria   I pd 2,75 for 7   went to Delmar & engaged a room $2,00 a day   I pd Mrs. Sansifer $14,00   I went to PO [post office] & got 10 cards   3 to Maude & 5 to Isabel & they will write   I recd telegram from Dave  St Paul 15 Mar  he is free & expects to be Married 16 [March 16th]   visit the girls & be in Pomona Apr 1   it raind hard awhile & our children R. [Roy] Isa [Isabel] & Maud  left at 2-30   took supper at Delmar 30c  exp [expenses] today 3,05

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