January 31, 1922

Tuesday, January 31 1922   it has cleared off   we arose at 7-30 & had a good breakfast of pancakes & I recd my papers & set by a good pleasant fire   it is quite cool   after dinner I read the Advance of June 26   Ioa [Iowa] Savings Bank consolidated with Wellman Saving Bank under name of the latter   Clark Wiman & Harvy Simons Dead & Lyman Bradford in Jail in Washington   another good man gone wrong   after dinner we went in auto to Aron Palmers an hour or 2   then Roy came with auto & took us to his home an hour or so & Ralph came & we went back to Isabels   had Supper & I read in the Pathfinder [1]

[1] Arizona – The State Magazine and Pathfinder, Vol. 11 No. 8 January 1921,  http://azmemory.azlibrary.gov/cdm/ref/collection/asabooks/id/105

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