June 21, 1922

Wednesday June 21st 1922   A very fine still day & I am improving   I dug our first New potatos   they are small   a good rain is what they Need   I shaved   Mrs Lewis Gardner Called   I cut with Sickle in the alley   I got mail aftr dinner   letters from Leslie & Harriet   Ellsworth Palmer called PM & got Garag Key   his auto in our garage all winter   I took 3 books to the library & got 2   this is the second day of the State encampmt in Ioa City of gar & wrc   I don’t feel able  Nor have much desire to attend


May 28, 1922

Sun 28   A very fine Sunshine morning & this my 86 Birth day & I am very thankful that everything is as well with me as it is  my health is fair considering my age & I have No Complaint   we arose at 7 & after breakfst I called up 3 gar & requested them to meet with WRC at the Hall at 10-30 & march to the Baptist Church for the memorial sermon  we drest for Sunday   at 10-10 Mother & I went to the Hall & met WRC & Near 10-30 [there were] 6 gar & the wrc the Legion & Auxilery girl & boy scouts 1 Spanish war [veteran]   we all marchd to the Baptist Church & it was full &   Rev Moore made a good talk

May 27, 1922

Isaac is back home in Iowa.

Saturday may 27 1922   Sun Shining & warm   we arose at 7   I Shaved & tied up some grape vines & Hay are growing very fast as is all vegetation  I wrote & mailed a letter to Capt Connie Lemon [at] Guthrie Center Ioa  our mail is an hour late   I got it after dinner & got meat for Sunday 45c & got loaf bread & rolls 25c   I talkd with J H Romine & T Fleming   both are opposed to Surrendering our GAR Charter at present & Romine returned to me one dollar I sent him last winter for gar dues

April 8 thru 13, 1922

Even with the flu, Isaac managed to journal every day.

Saturday April 8 1922   I am very sick with flu at Isabels & gave Isabel $20,00   Dave & wife arrivd in Pomona from St Paul Min

 Sun 9   I have flu & many here   Mrs Belle Samson came from Whittier to see me.

 Mon 10   flu much worse   2 Drs [doctors] calld 

Dr Kelly would visit Isaac three more days through Thursday April 13th.

March 24, 1922

Fri 24 Mar 1922   We leave Delmar  we arose a little before 7 & Neither ate any breakfst but packd our Napsax for Los Angels   I pd Mrs Sancifer 2,00 & at 8,45 took the train for Los angels & Pd 1,04   arrive in LA at Eleven & Dr Gardner met us at the Depot & we walkd 2 blox & took Street Cars for Gardners & met Mrs G & Suzane & soon Aaron Palmer & wife came & we had a good social visit & at Noon sat down to a most excellent dinner & then we visited awhile & came to Isabels   came by Warrens shop & stopt awhile & got to Isabels Near Sunset & found all right   I gave Isabel $10,00 to buy a coffee pot

March 23, 1922

Thursday March 23 1922   At the Delmar Long Beach Calif   fine Morn  we arose at 7-30   later than common & as we both have poor appetites we decide to dispense with breakfst   I addrest a letter to Maude   we are both well as comon   tis 9 am & we haven’t been down stairs   I also addrest a letter to Sylvia   we went to the Beach on the Pike   came back & had a phone call from Los A [Los Angeles] Gardners   askd us there to dinner & we accept with thanks   recd a card from Isabel   also a letter enclosing a US Bond intrest chk $31,85 & a letter from Dave   also letter from Sylvia   I walkd to Ocean Park to Market & bot 9 good Belflower apples for 10c   had dinner at the Advent 57c   Sat in the sun parlor   PM we took supper at Delmar 85c   we sat in the loby awhile & packd our Napsax

March 20, 1922

Mon 20   A very fine warm day   we arose at 7 not feeling well   I took my old Brown suit to the cleaners & a shirt 4 collars & 1 tie to laundry   we took breakfst at Delmar 25c   Neither of us wanted any   I bot a paper  we walkd to Ocean park & thru it & sat & rested   came back by the chamber of Commerce & rested   decided we Neither want dinner  Amos Hull & wife called PM & Brot mothers hand bag from Isabels   a card from Isabell   letter from Ellen B & Nora   also card from Harriet   Willard improves slowly   I am uneasy about Willard   I sent a card to Harriet   I bot 2 big apples & we ate 1   we took supper at the Advent 67c