February 9, 1920

Isaac and Margaret arrived in Long Beach on January 24, 1920, and stayed at the Hotel Del-Mar.

Isaac wrote that they found the city full of tourists this is a quiet agreeable city in the more than 2 weeks we have been here have heard no bad talk & saw no signs of intoxication many young Soldiers here mostly discharged clean gentlemanly respectful boys but in evry single instance smoking cigaretts morn noon & night & all the time it was a mistaken act of kindness when our charitable organizations encouraged this habit so contrary to law & wellbeing many gar are here Ocean park is their favorite meeting place where they gather to tell the truth & pitch horse shoes a space being reserved & especially fited for this game thru the Kindness of Mr. [Aron] Palmer we have taken many rides in all directions


February 4, 1920

Isaac and Margaret toured Orange County.

This is by far the most picturesque County we have yet seen fine well Kept orange groves on both sides of the fine cement roads & these orchards are Seeded with Barley or other grains & is just high enuf to make a rich carpet of green & the dark green foliage of the trees contrasts finely with the deep gold of the orang making a picture long to be remembered now & then a large Orchard of English walnuts relieves the monotony with the ground firmly pulverized close to evry tree & no sod or weeds are seen

January 1, 1920

Thurs Jan 1st 1920 Palmers in Pomona we arose feeling well I wrote a card to Harriet & Mr P took me in his ford to PO & then a long ride on the outskirts of Pomona saw fine Orange groves loaded with fruit Mr P has over 400 rabbits a cow chickens & is well fixt I gave Our grand children each a Silver $ I wrote to Mr & Mrs Lindsay Asst PM [Assistant Postmaster?] in Wellman & we had a good visit at 3 PM Warren took us in his car thru Lo Angels & Passadena & I bot sleeper ticket to Lathrop pd $2,70 then we got Supper I pd 1,60 & gave Warren $2 & we started for Lodi at 9 eve

December 31, 1919

Wed 31 a fine day both feel good & slept good arose at 8 & took breakfst in the diner $1,40 for both went to the observation Car & we crost the Colorado Riv into California & it got warmer past thru a long sandy dreary waste were at Colton at 4 Pm began to see Palms & other warm weath Plants at 4-30 we arrivd in Pamona Calif & Aron Palmer met us with his ford & were soon at his home & Dear Nellies Kids rant to meet us & Kindly Mrs Palmer gave us a good Supper & Warren came at 7 & after a good social visit to bed at 10 good bed

December 30, 1919

Tuesday December 30 1919 On the CRI&P compartment B Siskiyov Pullman fine day Mother & I are both feeling poorly & our little 2×4 parlor seems monotonous went on the observation car awhile tis a clear Sunny day pass along the line of Texas & New Mexico in a most desolate worthless & forsaken stony land at 11 were at Devrand & we both feel better we ate dinner on the Diner $1,55c both towards eve we stopt 30 min in Elpaso Tex where 2 yrs ago the Mexicans were shooting acros the Rio grand Riv & sending bullets into US territory we Each took Physic & I took an Aspirin tablet went to bed early I set my watch back one hour to have right time