July 8, 1919

Tuesday July 8th 1919   Leslies 30th Birth day   Mostly Clear   I trimmed up some Sycamore limbs for Stove wood & cut with sickle along the alley & both sides of the grape Arbor & hoed some & pulled weeds in the potatos   I got the mail at Noon & 25c Bacon   letter from Leslie   card from Sylvia & one from Lois [of] Glenwood Springs Col   they are having an outing & Leslie is busy as ever & doing well   Mrs England & Lillian Carr called awhile PM

July 4, 1919

Friday July 4th 1919   Mostly cloudy   we arose a little early as I am Chmn of the decoration Committe & Wellman celebrates to day   I got Nails wire pincers & hammer   I put out 3 flags at home & took flowers to Mrs C C Gardner to help make a boquet to dek the Speakers stand   I went to the park & 2 Ash boys & Mrs Clark Brown & Mrs C C Gardner helpd with decorations & we got a good job done   put lots of flags on trees & drest the Speakers stand in flags & Bunting   had a horse & pony show on Main St   it was real good   have 2 Bands   a brass Band & fife & drum   the GAR were to ride in autos in the right of the procession to the park but no autos were for GAR tho there were thousands of them all around & the GAR were ordered or requested [to] fall in between the 2 bands & march to the park but we didn’t march   Neither did the Spanish war Soldiers Nor the world war soldiers   Fred K & I went to PO & got our mail & I came home to dinner   Geo Sigler put his horse in my barn for the day   it thundered & lookd so much like that Mother & I who had gone to the park aftr dinner came home & it failed to rain for a while but about 3-30 it lookd more like rain & I took my pincers & went to the park & commencd taking down flags   Seth Carris Jr came along & I had a talk with him & it raind slow & Easy   C C Gardner & Hambright came & helpd me & we took down all the flags & bunting & left them at Gardners & Hambrights lumber office   it is all mussed & quite damp   I came home to Supper & sat on the porch while it rained just about right & we needed it all & the atmosphere is cleared & cooler   this is sure the least interesting of any 4 of July I remember   the main speaker a violent wildly gesticulating Irishman was of little intrest to me   he worked entirely too hard   I met several old time friends & was glad to meet them   the threatening Showers this Pm put a damper on all the drill proceedings that needed no damper   there were no balloon ascensions as advertised & except visiting with old friends all was dull & uninteresting   in the am hot & very dusty & PM showers

June 3, 1919

Tues 3   Cloudy warm damp & rainy   too wet for me to work   I got the mail at Noon   recd a letter from Leslie in Clermont   he is very busy & doing well   I got 3 boxes Strawberries   pd Topping 1,05   I got 25c Bacon   I paid my Electric for May 2,05   I went to Bank PM  Zimmerman pd rent for June $15   I cut 2 coupons off liberty bonds & depos $12 & 15 from Zimmerman   Mr Rupe took Supper with us & visited a while  half our lites wont lite   looks rainy to Nite

May 31, 1919

Saturday May 31st 1919   A very Nice warm growing day & a fine warm Shower at 4 Pm   Agison mowed my lawn & I pd his wife 75c   I got mail at Noon   Card from Dave in St Paul   the Germans are holding back   very reluctant to Sign the Peace Compact   perhaps they want more war & if they don’t sign soon theyl get it   I am feeling much better   I hoed some in my truck patch   Keith Adams cleaned & prest my grey pants & I pd him $1,00   when I lookd at the pants he had done them little or no good & I took them back & he reluctantly & grouchy said he would do them over   I got them again this eve & I don’t believe he touched them again   this is a fine eve for things to grow   I drew $5 from Bank this AM & $35,00 this eve   we are thinking of going to see John & Ellen soon

May 30, 1919

Fri 30  Decoration day   a fine warm da  90 at the well house 3 PM   I was very poorly all last nite   my head hurt   was a little sick & had Slight Diarhea   I got up late  ate no breakfst   took a light dose of Salts   near Eleven I went & got Shaved at Hulls   I had no money   the Bank is closed & I got trusted   I got mail   a Birth da card from Sylvia   I ate a lite dinner & mother heard Roy has Sold his 280 acre in Wayne Co   no particulars   I heard fife & drum while down town but it failed to awaken in me the usual life & patriotic feeling   Mother got Mr Rupe to take her Early to the Taylor Cemetery & She put the Elk flowers on Dear Vic,s grave   PM mother went to M E Church to Decoration day exercise   I am home alone & poorly   the first time I have taken no part in decoration day exercises  WRC ladies called early for me to go & help them decorate with flags & flower the graves at Wassonville   I couldn’t go   Dr & Mrs Gardner called a little while this Eve but were hurried off as it thundered & sprinkled & the Dr had a newly painted car

May 29, 1919

Thursday May 29 1919   A very fine dry day   we wrote to Leslie & I maild the letter when I got mail at Noon   3 Birth day cards from Dr Gardners  letter from a Mrs Cooper Grinell wanting Willard & Harriets address   I sent it   I phoned Marble man Sloan at S English about Vics stone & I got 3 boxs extra fine Strawberries 35 [cents] box   PM Agson took us to Taylor Cemetery & I mowed grass & weeds off the graves & mother put flowers on & we went to Wellman Cemetery awhile & this eve Lindsey brot a large box of flowers from Elks for Dear Boy Vics grave & Lindsay Staid quite a while   Harriet sent me a fine Birth day greeting in a frame

May 28, 1919

Wed 28 & my 83 Birth day   a fine warm day & I have failed much in the last year in strength & my eyesight has failed & my back has lately been lame & weak   Leslie has prescribed for me & my back is maybe a little better   on the whole I have got much to be thankful for & I wont complain   many are worse off   Mother & I planted 4 rows of shoe peg  Mrs Lindsey sweet corn seed soakd 19 hours   the ground is getting quite dry   I hoed som   got mail at noon   Birth da card from Sylvia   letter from Sec WRC Riverside with 6 certificates of identity for reduced fare on rr to CR [Cedar Rapids] to the dpt Encampmt   I signed & sent to Riverside   I was down town AM & Pm   this is a good corn day   Mother went to Missionary meet at the church PM   I wrote letter & thankd Dave for Birth da greeting

May 27, 1919

Tues 27   warm Hazy   good growing da   I hoed a row of beans & beets & raddishs & got the mail at Noon & 25c liver   I recd a Birth day card from Dave & a Shoe set brush & blacking complete for my 83 birth day gift  Dave rembers his parents better now than in his younger days & we appreciate his kindness   recd letter from John & Ellen asking us to visit them soon   John is very feeble   also letter from Leslie   he is busy as ever & has bot [bought] 106 acres of land at $83,25 an acre   good for Leslie   I cut some of my brush in the alley   Florilla Longwell & Sade T called to get tomato plants   Mrs P Ayers called   I helped Mother set tomatos and cabage   Flora Snider called & borrowed Extension ladder   Dalas Zimmerman called with a plant   good corn day