January 24, 1919

Fri 24  on SP train   at day lite in Techachapi Mts   altitude 4025 ft   lots of frost & past Mojave   a worthless mountainous rocky tract for miles   we gradually came down to a fertile valley & arrived in Los agels 9-30   I was sick awhile & ate no breakfast   soon found electric red car for Long Beach  pd 86c for 2   50 min ride & went to Delmar Hotel & found it full  took dinner at cafe & took taxi for Palmers  2 mi east   pd 10c   we found our dear girl very poorly   She staggered out to meet us   she can hardly stand   Aron Palmer Kindly took us in auto & Nellie with us   we lookd for room   everything seemed full   the city is full of travelers   we finally got the office room at Delmar at $9 a week & take meals out   supper at Res [restaurant] 30c  both   had waffels   to bed at 8

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