January 1, 1919

Wednesday January 1st 1919   At Noras in Lodi Cal   Cold   The Coldest day so far this winter in my experience & it seems more of an effort for folks to keep warm here than in Iowa   here the people depend on the weather & the weather don’t come acros   we had a fine new years dinner  5 or 6 Neighbors were invited to enliven the day   we are getting very anxious to hear from our boy Leslie over the sea   also we are anxious about our youngest daughter Nellie   I wish her health was better   a Mr Taylor called this morning with a donation of milk olives &c   he said he pict an orange this morning & it was froze   Nora & Allie went to prayer meeting this eve at 9   I ate a good appl & went to bed


2 thoughts on “January 1, 1919”

  1. This is so good I had to take it to the living room and read the whole thing to Riley, who was laughing happily!

    1. Glad Riley enjoyed it. I hadn’t copied much in the past for the years, 1918-1922, but I remedied that when I stopped in Iowa City on the way home from Arizona last March. Glad I did — this is good material. More to come!

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