January 28, 1919

Tuesday  January 28 1919   Hotel Delmar Long Beach Calif   A fine morn  Slept well  first in a long time   I did not have to get up   we took breakfast at Del Cafe waffles 30c for 2   I went to market & got strawberries 17c peas 34c & raddishs 5c & mother went in Taxi out to Spend the day with Palmers & took the vegetables to Nellie   I took dinner out North 20c   I wrote to Fred Klockenteger & sent a card to Nora & my hand is so nervous it took me 2 hours to write   I got my gray clothes from cleaners & pd 1,00 good job   at 3-30 pm I took taxi & went to Palmers & visit with Nellie an hour   Mother & I took supper at Delmar Cafe 30c for 2   sat on sun parlor awhile   to bed 8,30

January 27, 1919

Mon 27   A beautiful day   lt W wind & cool   arose at 7-30   both well & slept fairly   took breakfast at cafe   waffles toast coffee 45c for 2   I bot a paper 3c   I took my gray suit to press & clean & walkd thru Pacific Park  am writing this in Hotel sun parlor in full view of Pacific Ocean & the waves are rooling on the Beach  children rooling on the grass & youngsters setting on seats waiting for Electric cars    pass Hotel evry 15 min & sevral trains   Aron P came after dinner & took us to the Farmers & Merchants Bank Commercial Savings  3rd & Pine sts & I cashd pension chk $120  Keota Div $30 KC draft $200   I took $50 cash & deposited $300   we then bot material for Nellie a scarf 6,50 & other item s  I pd Hotel Delmar $15 & too rect for $30 room rent for Room 23 up to & include feb 24   I took a long walk this eve along the Beach & away out on the pier & watchd the waves & saw a fine sun set   we took dinner at YMC cafeteria  good  59c for 2   took supper at Delmar Cafe 45c

January 26, 1919

Sunday January 26 1919   in Long Beach Calif   very fine & warm   I wrote & sent a card to Leslie in France   had a letter from him yester   also from Mrs Lindsey & Mrs Rupe in Wellman telling of death of our old friend & Neighbor John McKinley of 3 strokes paralysis at 11 am   A Palmer calld at Hotel with auto & took us to his home to dinner   Nellie was glad to see us & tried to be cheerful & is very weak   after dinner Warren took Nellie Mother & I for a short ride over smooth cement roads & in the eve Aron & Mrs P [Palmer} brot us back to Hotel Delmar   feeling we had spent a pleasant day if Dear Nellie was only better

January 25, 1919

In LB Sat 25   a fine day & warm   we went to store & got a house dress for Nellie 3,75 & gingham for Margaret & a can white cherries & candy for Kids   went to Market & Saw all Kinds of fresh vegetables & strawberries  fine ones   20c qt   Slept good last nite & feel good to day   got our trunk from Depot   pd 50c to landlady   dinner 60c for 2 & Palmer came & Nellie with him & we rode E several miles to the breakers   a fine ride & Nellie enjoyd it but was tired   went to Palmers & I gave Nellie $5 & we took taxi for Hotel & we got a good room   pay $30 a month   I pd $15 down & we are well located   took supper 50c both   we greatly appreciate the Kindness of Mr & Mrs Palmer [Nellie’s in-laws]

January 24, 1919

Fri 24  on SP train   at day lite in Techachapi Mts   altitude 4025 ft   lots of frost & past Mojave   a worthless mountainous rocky tract for miles   we gradually came down to a fertile valley & arrived in Los agels 9-30   I was sick awhile & ate no breakfast   soon found electric red car for Long Beach  pd 86c for 2   50 min ride & went to Delmar Hotel & found it full  took dinner at cafe & took taxi for Palmers  2 mi east   pd 10c   we found our dear girl very poorly   She staggered out to meet us   she can hardly stand   Aron Palmer Kindly took us in auto & Nellie with us   we lookd for room   everything seemed full   the city is full of travelers   we finally got the office room at Delmar at $9 a week & take meals out   supper at Res [restaurant] 30c  both   had waffels   to bed at 8

January 23, 1919

Thurs January 23 1919   Cool & a cool misty rain & damp   I rested quite poorly last nite   ate a light breakfast & feel better after taking a walk down town & to the Bank & got a $20 bill changed & handed Mother $5 to give Nora   Allie went 20 miles to preach a funeral   Mother is packing our trunk & we expect to leave here at 6 this eve for Los angeles & Long Beach   after Supper went to the depot   Allie had roped our trunk & I paid 50c for taking to Depot & chekt to Long Beach Calif   I bot a Sleeper ticket for Long Beach Calif   pd 2,25   we bade Nora Allie & Don goodbye   we had nearly 4 wks good visit  many fine rides  all long to be remembered  good bye Dear Nora

January 22, 1919

Wed 22   A fine Sunny day   rested better last nite   I walke around a little & talked with an old Scotch man trying to Kill bermuda grass   PM we took long rides thru wood bridge [Woodbridge, CA]  & saw the biggest fig tree & a large live oak & got some Acorns & a large buckeye & got a buckeye  went to Williams where Allie got grapes & went to Merrils 2 families  had a fine ride  nice country & nice people  home at sundown