December 28, 1918

Sat 28  at Noras   Cool hard frost but pleasant day   we Slept well last nite & feel good & ready for 3 meals   Allie went 45 miles to Marry a couple teachers in a college for which he recd a fee of $15 & returned at 8 in the eve   I took a walk a.m. & Saw many semitropical trees & shrubs   palms Eucaliptus oranges & lemons on & under the trees along the streets   fine paved streets & walks   towards eve Leslie run the auto out & took a ride around the town   nice paved Streets with Stately long rows of palms & other strange trees to me on each Side   sent Card to Coffey to send the Advance to Lodi Cal


December 27, 1918

Fri 27   On the SP [Southern Pacific] train in the Sieranevada Mts & Cold  7 deg below zero & lots of snow   past thru 42 miles of Snow Sheds & well built   took breakfast 2,50 for both & about 10 am commencd going down grade & the Snow disappeared & warmer weather came & we had passed from an altitude of over 7000 ft to 30 ft at Sacramento when Allie & his son Leslie met us with auto & after riding around the city & viewing the Sights we took the road south to Lodi   30 miles & a hard surface road  a fine pleasant ride   arrivd at Lodi at 3-30 & Nora cam out to meet   is feeling good   Nora has nice place to live  orange tree in the yard with oranges on   I pict one   was not extra

December 26, 1918

Thursday December 26 1918   At one oclock this morning we bad[e] Jap & Sylvia good bye & Ray took us to Depot in auto   Isabel Leila & Marjorie went with us to Depot & at 2 we bade them good bye   climbed into our lower 8 berth & had a good sleep   had breakfast on diner   pd 1,05 & past a pleasant day   at 2 pm at Ogden Utah where we changd cars & I pd 4,95 for Pullman to Lodi Califor   we dined on diner this eve   pd 95c & past thru the most desolate mt rox [mountain rocks?] & tipt the porter for an extra blanket & went to our Berth with a prospect of a good nite

December 25, 1918

Christmas  Wed 25   at Sylvias   I am feeling poorly   clear cold sunny   All is Christmas & Each well rememberd   I got from Dave sox ties &c   Nora tooth brush & ivory case   Jap & Sylvia slippers book & hdkf [handkerchief]   Harriet tie collars   Mother book   Lois book   I gave Sylvia & Isabel each $5 & each grand child $1   we had a fine Christmas dinner   a 22 lb turkey & all that goes with it & Isabels [family] were with us   we sat & visited til after 12    this eve Jap had a drayman come & take my trunk to the Depot & Sent to Lodi Cal   I pd drayman 50c & I pd Jap 2,20 for Pulman berth to Ogden Utah

December 23, 1918

Mon 23   2 or 3 inches of snow & it don’t melt any   looks much like more snow   we recd card from Nora & Christmas pakage   I am feeling much better to day & at dinner time Ray Green came from camp at Denver to spend Christmas & there was great rejoicing   Jap got a 22 lb turkey for Christmas dinner & we got to bed after 10 oclock after planting a Christmas tree

December 22, 1918

Sun 22   Cloudy dark cold S wind   I slept poorly last nite & at midnite took Salts   I got up at 9 am but ate no breakfast   Sylvia & her girls came & they all went to Sunday School   now at 11-30 am tis thawing very little & I have just put on my Shoes & polished them   I enjoyd a good dinner & supper & Jap & I & Lois came to Sylvias   the rest went to church   Jap went to the depot & found out all about our trip to Lodi   he is very accommodating