November 5, 1918

Tues 5   at Johns in Corydon   Cool S wind   Cloudy   looks like rain   John & I went down to PO   got no mail   I bot a paper & John voted as this is election day   I helpd mother pack our suit cases & aftr an early dinner we bade John & Elen good by & I pd a taxy 50c to take us to the depot   I bot 2 tickets for Kansas City   pd $10,36   the day has cleared exceptionaly fine & warm   we had a long wait at depot & finally got to Alerton [Iowa] & waited & waited   finally found were waiting for 4 cars of soldiers going to Camp funston [located at Camp Riley, Kansas]   they came & we started for KC at Sun down & traveld slow   stopt often   finally got to KC at midnite   After midnite Willard & Harriet met us in KC Depot   we found them thru a red cap & I tipped him   we got lunch for which Willard paid & we then started for Olathe in Willards fine new car  delightful drive   25 miles   roads fine   we soon made it & arrived at 2 Wed morning   visited a while   read a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well  & is ordered over the sea  starts soon   to bed at 2-30


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