October 31, 1918

Thurs 31 Corydon at Johns   arose at 3 AM   A taxi came & took us to the depot before daylite & I pd taxi one $   I bot 2 ticket to Desmoines   pd 4,60   we arrived in D at 7,15   we got breakfast at the depot pd 90c for 2  Nellie, Martins wife met us at the depot & showd us to the interurban for fort Dodge 10 miles & Nellie pd 25c for all   Dr Mart [Brewer] is stationed there & in a large govt bdg & he came home & we all had dinner & Mart is not a Soldier in looks   uniform Khaki does not become him but he is a very fine man & well liked   a dismal cold dreary day   lieut Brewer took us mostly over the Camp cook & mess houses   provisions of all kinds  plenty & of the best    home at Marts at dusk   had [a visit from] a State Senator Karl LeCompte [1] & we past a social eve

[1] The Iowa Legislature, https://www.legis.iowa.gov/legislators/legislator?ga=37&personID=2924

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