November 27, 1918

Wed 27   Warmer   Mostly cloudy   took salts   W & H are washing   at 10-30 I went to Dr Betty Owens Osteopath & took another treatmt for constipation & lame back   I pd Dr $2,50c for the 2 treatments   PM I went with Willard & he got a fine Chicken 8 lbs   he pd $2   we are having a good visit & we are getting anxious to hear from Leslie   I sent cards to Hawkeye & to W Democrat to send to grand Junction Colorado

November 26, 1918

Tues 26   Not so cold   a fine morning & we are fixing to go to KC for the day   I rested well last nite & feel good this morn   I ate 3 pancakes for breakfast   I hope we hear from our Dr & Soldier boy Leslie to day   tis over 2 weeks since we heard he was just starting for France   at 9 am we all started to KC & took a Nabor girl Martha Woodberry along   Willard & I went to rr office & I bot a round trip 2 tickets to Los angeles & return to KC by S route including 2 sleeper standard tickets to Denver for $216  went to Bank & got a $400 draft cashd   took $200 bills & $200 draft   we all went to caffateri for dinner   I pd the bill 2,85   we went to market   I bot string beans 15c apples 50c pears 40c   Willard got some catfish &c  home at dark   letter from Ellen & John [Brewer]  I bot 5 books  1 life of Wm McKinley 25c & 3 Kentucky books 25c each & physical geography 10c

November 25, 1918

Mon 25   Mostly cloudy gloomy & cold   Willard & I went down town at 10 am & Each took a treatment from an Osteopath Dr  [Dr. Betty Owens]   an old maid who rubbed & punched & kneaded us & I expect needed us & I staid in & read   the bal [balance?] of the day I took treatment mostly for constipation   I havnt had a bowel movement for 3 or 4 weeks   Except I took salts & I have a slightly lame back most of the time   Especially in the morning   I sent card to Ray C. Green Desmoines

November 23, 1918

Sat 23   dark cloudy  Snow flurries   colder 29 deg [degrees]  Mother sick at her stomach & dizzy   cant get up   I feel good   read the morning paper  McAdoo [1] US treas & rr director resigned   I staid in doors most of the day  wasn’t out for a walk   Willard asked me to go twice but I thot I was better off in the house   he went in the eve & got a chicken donated for Sunday  Harriet & I ate a good apple this eve


November 22, 1918

Fri 22   Another dark cold da  spits of Snow   It looks too gloomy dark & Stormy to go to KC   I took a dose of salts and feel better   no letters to day I went down town PM & got shaved 15c & at 6 in eve we all went by invitation to a Mr Woodberries to supper   4 or 5 blox   went in the closed car & comfortable   Extra fine ME folks   a jeweler his wife & one child Martha 15 & a very amiable attractive girl & smart   we had a fine supper & enjoyed the evening very much   Snowing as we came home   white ground

[1] Harry and Dakota Woodberry; Year: 1910; Census Place: Olathe, Johnson, Kansas; Roll: T624_443; Page: 11B; Enumeration District: 0111; FHL microfilm: 1374456

November 21, 1918

Thurs 21   dark cold cloudy   looks like storm   we expected to go to KC & attend the stock show but it looks & feels to stormy   Willard has been out with his car several times   I sat around & read the morning paper   PM I rode with Willard to Woodberrys who phoned   they wanted to come to the parsonage   So Willard brot Mrs. W & daughter  they staid 2 or 3 hours & he took them home   My hand trembles so I cant us my pen [Isaac switched to writing with a pencil at this point]  an old lady foned   gave the ME Church a city lot for garden to day & I went with Willard to see the lot   tis a good one   I don’t feel as well as I would like to

November 20, 1918

Wednesday November 20th 1918   at Harriets Olathe   Dark & Cloudy this morning   Willard arose early & went to KC [Kansas City]   took a hand to do some work at Willards house there   Mother & I slept later   a couple came to be married at 10 am   it looks like rain   Willard was called home from KC   Harriet had a time getting him   they came again 2-30 pm & Willard was here drest in his clerical prince Albert & tied the knot & Harriet recd $5   We were rejoiced to rec a letter from Leslie written on board ship ready to sail for France   No date   we all 4 wrote to him in France

Dr. Leslie Lewis Carr


November 19, 1918

Tues 19  Cool a Fine sunny morning  Arose at 7  I took a dose of salts  Harriet & Willard are washing  I am reading the morning paper  reconstruction in Europe going on fast & satisfactory  at 3 PM  a couple came unateded [unattended] to be married Allen Eastland & [Miss] Dunham age 18 & 21  Willard soon tied the knot & recd $5  gave them an engraved certificate  we congratulated them & they Embarked on the matrimonial sea for better or worse  I went with Willard to enquire after several cases of influenza  found all improving but one  we took Mother & Harriet to call on Mrs. Woodberry  recd Advance & letters from Nora & Sylvia  I went with W to engag Andrew Jackson  colored to work tomorrow

November 18, 1918

Mon 18   Cooler NW wind but not freezing   we arose late but all feeling OK   a good feeling   Chap called wants to be married tomorrow   Willard went to call on some sick    PM we took a nice ride around the town & suburbs   I sent a card to Zimmerman about puttying windows   in the eve Judge Robart wife & daughter calld & spent a late eve   Willard made candy   we had apples   Mrs. “judge” had a mans voice when singing