October 19, 1918

Sat 19   drizzle rain AM & dark cldy all da   I made a fire in the grate   I got the mail at noon and recd letter from Roy   [he is] glad we are coming   will meet us in Seymore tues at 10 am   I went down town & found the burial of little Agnes Topping ready to go   I walked up to the cemetery   A priest officiated as Agnes was Catholic   it was dark & sprinkled rain   a dismal funeral for our dear little neighbor girl   how we shall miss her   I was down town again & settled with T D Adams   he paid me $316,50c & I gave him up his note for $300, $16,50c & I gave him mortgage & release   I pd Eardly Bell Jr 50c for the release   I deposited the $316,50 in W S Bank [Wellman Savings Bank]   it drizzled rain most of the PM   Nita Spear was buried this PM


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