October 17, 1918

Thurs 17   A very fine sunny warm da & I have felt sneezy water eyed & feel like taking cold   have a sore place in my throat & neck but a fair appetite   I looked around some to get a load of cobs hauled from Siglers farm but didn’t make it   I got the mail at noon   letter from Sloan SE [South English, Keokuk County, Iowa]   he will make foundation for our monument next mon   I phoned him this pm  Mr Dutton called to buy my Shiller house   wanted me to take govt Bonds  we didn’t trade   I went down town PM & heard Agnes Topping died of influenza at 2,30 PM   A bright pleasant healthy little girl   she will be greatly missed & her mother will be lonely   I carried a large fern in a pot to Florilla Longwell & I pd her 40c that she had pd for me on Strawberries  I pd D Kirkpatrick our PM [postmaster] 35c for PO box to Apr 1st 1919 & I pd Editor Coffey for the Advance to Jan 1st 1920   I soakd my feet in hot water & drank hot lemonade & went to bed 9-15


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