October 12, 1918

Saturday October 12th 1918   A very fine warm morning growing weather   Mother mixt soybean flour in our pancakes & we couldn’t eat them   this bean flour is one of the substitutes we are required by gov to use to save flour   I put the bean flour in the cow feed She can save it   Geneva Smith called to use our phone   Carter boy brot us 2 boxes fine strawberries   I pd him 40c   I recd notice from Natl Tribune sub expired July 18 & I am dropt   I ans that I sent $1,00 renewal Sept 5   I wrote to Natl tribune to that effect & went to the Bank & Geo Trieschman looked up on the draft book & found as I stated & I wrote the tribune   Mother went down town & traded at Kabakers $10,93c & I gave a chk   I mowd grass for the cow   Mr & Mrs Rupe called this eve   Mr Rupe brot us light biscuit for dinner   Geneva called to use the phone


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