September 7, 1918

Sat 7   A very fine cool pleasant da   We arose a little early & at 9 am went with C C Gardner & wife to the funeral of Hazel Hagist Foster  Burrels wife   she shot herself in a Hotel in Ioa City with an automatic revolver   a service was held at the Henry Hagist Home  the most beautiful Singing I ever heard   a male guartet led by Add Hulse   a very large company of friends & Nabors with hundreds of autos   burial in new add [addition] of Keota cemetery where we met many of our old Nabors   Especially the Carris’s & Fult Commell [Fulton McConnell?] & his wife   I got mail letters from Dave & Harriet   I rested all the PM  my back seems getting better   I gave mother a dollar & she went calling while I rested at home after milking    I went to meat shop & got 25c bacon & got shaved 15c & Mrs Rupe called an hour


2 thoughts on “September 7, 1918”

  1. Life in Wellman was apparently much more interesting than one would expect. This is so sad.

  2. There might be more information reported in the Wellman Advance about Hazel’s suicide, but that paper hasn’t been digitized. I had planned to drive to Wellman while I was visiting the Archives last month to see if The Advance had written an article on Vic’s suicide. Unfortunately, I spent all my time photographing Isaac’s journal entries that I needed to capture.

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