October 28, 1919

Mon 28   Clear moderate  lt S wind   Roys   I sat around waiting for the mail   Winnie went to the box & brot it at 11 oclock   a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well & in charge of a ward & we were glad to hear from him   PM I went with Roy & Arden & pict some apples & Roy & I drove down to & thru his timber land & put on a big load of stove wood   roads dried fast  the only daily was last Sat issue & war news was old tho favorable   Roy & Arden got a load of corn AM   it looks like rain to nite

October 27, 1918

Sun 27   Dark rainy foggy misty   A disagreeable day & it rained most of last nite   we wer to have visited at Walter Brewers but visiting is out of the question  so we sat around feeling well & healthy   ate a good hearty dinner & read some & Killed many flies   cool hard disagreeable SW wind  to day we turned our time back one hour & tis to be hoped the powers that be will let the time alone   it was a silly sensless order   this is a chilly very windy eve & Roy sure lives in a cold treeless cheerless place

October 26, 1918

Saturday October 26 1918   Dark foggy misty drizzly all day   I went to the mail box & got mail   letter from Dave & Roys got the Advance [Wellman newspaper]  Andy Moore Cloyd Adams [son of Ira & Ida Adams, born November 1899], and others have died since we left   Roy & Arden got 2 loads of corn for the hogs   Mother was sick all AM but is better this eve

October 23, 1918

Wed 23  Cool & cloudy all da at Roys  I slept well last nite in a good bed  I wrote & sent a letter containing trunk check to Willard in Olathe Kan  also sent a card to Leslie in DC  I went with Roy 1 ½ miles to get some bolts & went to his old house & saw his horses & cattle & a hand came & helpd work at a hog house Roy is building  I have felt poorly most all day  I took a dose salts AM that caused it  I was out with Roy a part of the day  I miss the general news & especially the war news

October 22, 1918

Isaac and Margaret departed for the West on a trip to visit their married children.

Tuesday October 22 1918   Cloudy & dark all da   we arose early & left our pleasant comfortable home at 7-30 for our long visit trip   Mrs Rupe & Geneva came to bid us good bye & I left our Keys with them   Fred Schrader took us to Washington in his fine Hupmobile   a fine ride & I pd him $3  at 8-50   we took train for Seymore  pd 6,22c for 2 tickets  arrived at 12,45 & Roy met us with auto & were soon at Roys   11 miles  roads good & a bountiful dinner of fried chicken was soon ready & we were hungry   I brot the children Crakrjak & pnuts   we lookd around Roys at his fine bunch of 108 fatting shoats & Roy & I went to Corydon & visited John & Ellen [Brewer]   ate an apple   they are both well  we cam back flying & had a fine ride   had supper & talked til 10