June 5, 1918

Wednesday June 5 1918   Hazy & drying quite warm   I piled a little manure & I sprouted our potatos   3 or more bushels & then Isabel & I went the 4th time to the depot to meet Sylvia & her girls & they failed to come & we got no word   I waited & got the mail  only the Hawkeye   Isabel & Mother pict a fine lot of Strawberries it commenced to rain about 3 PM & goodness knows we dont need it   we were talking about going to the train to meet Sylvia & that we would go at 5-30 when about 4-30 they all 3 came bounding into the Kitchen & Mother Isabel & I were surprised they came from west & we expected them from the East and were very glad to see them   the Turnipseeds brot the trunks & carried them upstairs  it lookd old fashioned & pleasant when we all assembled around our bountiful supper table but I so missed our dear boy Vic   there was a vacant chair


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