May 27, 1918

Mon 27   Rainy Cloudy cooler   we arose a little early & got things all ready   I took our laundry to Carrie A [Ash]   Mother & Isabel got flowers at 8-30   Goodwin came & were soon at the cemetery & it commenced to rain & real hard & cool   we found Vic’s grave needed filling but it raind so hard we came back home   Ed put the chains on & top up but we arrived home wet thru   I pd Goodwin $1,00 for the trip   he only asked 50c   it was a sorry trip to the grave of our dear boy Vic   we will try & go again when it is more favorable   we changed our clothes & kept a good fire in the cook stove   I got the mail at noon & Tom Karr askd me to ride home in his buggy   we then went to look at 2 barns I have for sale & I sold them both to him for 150,00   he gave me 100,00 liberty bond & check on Security Bank for $50,00   I deposited the 50,00 & put the Bond in my deposit box  it raind some this Eve & looks much like rain & we don’t need it   we need dry weather to kill the weeds   Isabel here all day  I recd a Birth day card & a nice pair of silk sox from Dave   our box of  groceries from Montgomery Ward came & Turnipseed hauled it & Isabels trunk & I pd him 35c


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